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Albumin Resuscitation

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    Currently I am formulating an Albumin protocol in the event that our Parkland formula is not working to the desired effects. I am interested in any possible information that might be available to help me in this process. I understand not every burn center as a clear Albumin protocol and I was wondering if you had something in place. If you already have something in place, would you be willing to share it in order to provide the building blocks for our protocol? I am looking to progressively educate our nursing staff on the overall fluid resuscitation process by having a couple protocols or guidelines in place as a starting point, with deviation as directed by our physicians. I would appreciate any time that you can offer.

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    BriGuy31, RN
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    So our protocol attempts the parkland fluid resus for two hours. If urine output is not being met during this process after two hours of increasing fluids, then albumin drip is added of 200 ml hr up to 400 per hr. If this fails ffp is added to the mix each unit of ffp is ran over 2 hours. If the burn started off 30% or more a vit c drip would have been started on a pt from the onset. if all these measures had failed fluid, albumin, ffp for something complicated like an electrical burn then a vit c drip would be added even if under 30% burn.

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