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    I am applying for the UALR nursing program starting in Fall 2011 and I was just wondering if anyone knows how low they went for quality points last year or on average? I am currently taking A&P II and Chemistry right now and if I get accepted I am going to take Microbiology during the summer. I have all my other courses complete. I am just super nervous about not getting in because of my quality points. Thank anyone in advance and any advice or info is very appreciated.

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    I'm in the program now. You can email me at ag.wade (at) for any questions. I was in your same situation when applying.

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    During my application process I wasn't finished with A&P II. I still have to complete Microbiology, which I will take summer 2011. I am not sure of your GPA, but if you have an A in A&P I and pretty good grades in the other pre-reqs. you should be fine.

    As for the program, get your rest. If accepted, you will have to complete the skills class in May. Not hard at all, but nerve wrecking. So far, it's a good program. Just follow any directions they tell you. Sounds easy, but it's not.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks. I turned in my application today and I'm so nervous. I know my acceptance depends on who I'm going up against this year, but it's driving me crazy thinking about it. They said we should know at the end of March.
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    As an Arkansan, I'm embarassed UALR uses such a thing as "quality points" to screen applicants.
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    I applying to UALR for the Fall 2011 RN program. I will be hand delivering my application after I take the HESI on February 23rd. I don't know the average number of quality points but just wanted to wish us luck
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    Well, good luck!
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    I am applying this fall also. I am currently taking Micro, Chemistry, and AP II, which is the last of my pre reqs. I did not score as high as I would have liked on the HESI, I made an 84....but I do have all A's in all the required prereqs besides the 3 classes that I am taking now (hopefully those three will be A's too!) But, I am in your same boat scared to death that I won't get accepted. And the end of March seems SO far away! Good luck to you!
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    You all will be receiving letters soon. Don't sweat it. The letter will come when you least expect it.
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    I looked at UALR's website yesterday. I didn't know they had a BSN program up your way. I'm glad they do.

    Are your groups in competition a lot with the UAMS groups for clinical settings?

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