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UALR Class of '13

  1. 0 Who got in?!?! I did! Everyone excited? I have lecture t/th 8-11am & my clinicals mondays. Unsupervised practice 12-4pm. Anybody have the same? Whooooo (:
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    We don't get a lot of Arkansan activity on here. One more year to go at another school for me.
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    I was hoping that there would be more AR representation here. I don't know if people don't know or they just don't get engaged. I, myself, have found A LOT of helpful information here. It has been refreshing to read posts from others who have experienced some of the same anxiety that I have about nursing school...especially since this is a second career move for me.

    To your original post...I have supervised clinical on Wednesdays, lecture T/Th 12-3 and unsupervised practice T 8-12. I wish you well...I am really ancy about this summer session. There is combination of excitement and anticipation. I really don't know what to expect regarding teaching styles, testing styles, flow, etc. I REALLY want to be a nurse!!
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    I agree. I have found some of the information on here very useful. It's nice to see many other people just starting out and as nervous/excited as I am!

    Anyways, no classes together, huh? Darn. Well, good luck to you as well! I've heard the summer session isn't too difficult. Just listen and practice, practice, practice!
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    I love this site and love seeing post by Arkansas nurses and nursing students. I'mthatguy -- they love you on here lol

    I have supervised clinical on Wednesday 8 - 4. Letcure T/Th 12 - 3 and unsupervised practice Th 8 - 11. My schedule to similar to mgrn2b.

    I was wondering what type of backpack do you plan to use for nursing school. I was thinking about order something that I can fit my laptop in but did not know if I should get one with rollers -- or are backpacks with roller uncool and overrated... Just wondering let me know.
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    Man, no one with my classes... I was hoping to find someone with the same to collaborate with!

    I'm using my L.L. Bean backback that i've been using forever. I like that it has a little front pocket for pens, calculators, etc. Then another pocket for my laptop if i choose to put it in. Then the big pocket for books, binders. It's huge but it doesn't feel heavy at all. I love it. Plus, it has my name on it so no one can ever take it without me knowing (:

    I still like roller backbacks. Not overrated or uncool. I just don't want to buy another one.

    This may sound super nerdy but i also ordered a livescribe pen to take my notes with. It's the one thing I'm extremely excited about! (:
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    I've been thinking about a roller backpack. I saw Target had one in their sale paper yesterday. Our fundamentals book is thick, and I had a chance to see the Fall book list and it has more texts so I figured I would save my back. I have a rolling computer bag that I used with my last job; I may try to get away with for a little while. The rolling backpacks which can hold a laptop seem to be soooo expensive.

    Does anyone know if we can record the class lectures?
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    @WITTY3--I am so glad to finally find someone with whom I will have class. I felt like I was starting over again in orientation. I am sure by the end of the program we will all know each other. I just don't do well with large groups of people.
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    @nursingstudentar I actually thought about ordering a livescribe pen but haven't yet. Maybe after this summer class you can let me know how you like yours.

    @mgrn2b We will have to find each other the first day of lecture. And I know I've been looking at the backpack rollers that hold laptops and they are so expensive. I don't even know if I'll take my laptop to class with me, I haven't ever before. I'm going tomorrow to pick up books and hopefully they have the skills kits in by now.
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    @witty3 please let me know if they have them tomorrow. I was going to go get mine too....
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    Yes, please let us know about the skills kits. I haven't checked yet. I also need to get my school ID made. I would like to do all of that at one time instead of making multiple trips to campus. I have started the readings. So far the material isn't too complex. It's just a lot of reading. Since we haven't had lecture, I don't quite know how to focus my reading. Right now, I am just trying to cover all of the material.
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    I've started the readings too... And gone over the skills a little. Also, if you go on Youtube, there are instructional videos on most of our skills in the manual. They vary a little in the steps but give an idea of what we will be doing. I found them helpful.

    @mgrn2b -- where do we get our ID's made?
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    @nursingstudentAR--I don't know. I plan to call the department tomorrow morning and see where we need to go to get those done. I remember seeing the student nurses (who presented the stethoscope, clipboards, etc.) wearing them. So I am sure we will have to have them by the Fall. I don't know if we will need them this summer, but I figured I would go ahead and get mine made be for the mad dash in the Fall.

    I saw the youtube links but haven't actually looked that the sites yet. I was working on the med calculations the last couple of weeks and needed a break from that. I started the readings a couple of days ago, so I am not as far along with that yet. I plan to have it completed by class on that Wednesday. I would like to pass my med calculations test on the first try so that I can spend the rest of the time focusing on the skills and lecture.

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