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I am interested in SAU ADN program. I was rejected from the school of my choice. I was wondering about this school.... Read More

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    I have worked with 2 RNs who graduated from the ADN program at SAU in 1998 and 2000 and they were both great.

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    Thanks for all of your support. I will most differently try my best. It is nice to hear from some graduates. It inspires me. :wink2:
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    Quote from DBlack1
    The 75% rule was there to keep the students whose knowledge wasn't up to par on the material out of the clinical setting. A instructor who has a student who is doing poorly in class will need to spend more time with the failing student out of fear of a mistake being made due to lack of knowledge on the students part. This in turn takes time away for the students who are passing and need help in clinicals. I personally don't think it was a good idea to do away with it. If someone has to make a 90% or higher on the rest of the tests to pass the odds are greatly against them.
    How did you study for Level 2. There are not alot of repeats. I was surprised because they saw this is the easiest level. Do you have any studying advice. Thanks for your help. :wink2:
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    Go SAU! My husband got his ADN there in 1990.

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