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i am going to be starting back up in my nursing program this october 2006. i have been out since december 2005... i am really worried about failing the second time around, so i've been studying all my old notes and reading... Read More

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    I had to change my user name because I had a lot of trouble getting back in for some weird reason.:typing
    But anyhow!!!
    I just wanted to thank all of you again for your ideas and support. I just finished my medsurg rotation (the one I had to do over again) and this time I passed! I get to move on and I am so happy. I didn't give up and no one else should either if you are thinking about giving up when it gets tough.

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    Quote from 2007rndmkt
    I have so many nursing friends that are so stressed out right now being Seniors. They are just counting the days to graduation!
    I am not ashamed of failing last year, I did only miss it by three points...but It just does something to me inside because I have had to put so much into this program and put my family on the back burner. I have another friend that was a re-entry student just this past Aug. and she just flunked out again, so now she is going to do the LPN program...good thing there are options for us!
    I am so glad I am not doing this for the money...
    This is how I feel right now! I just found out I failed my 3rd sem in a 4 sem program and I missed it by 1%/6 questions/12 points. I feel really lost right now and I am so upset... I honestly feel like a failure and that I won't become a good nurse.
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    Yeah, its tough.

    There were several students who returned to the program with me, and a lot of them are having some difficulty. I almost failed again because I forgot to take a test. But after failing one time, and coming back from a zero test score, has made me pretty much fearless. I feel that I have been through so much crap in this program, that I can take anything that they throw at me.

    its coming down to the wire, today was the last class day before the final on Monday. Just two clinical days left, which the teacher has been giving me a hard time, but I can handle that.

    Just keep up the hard work.
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    I will start med-surg in july and i was wondering how did you begin to study for it. i here it is very difficult and i want to be prepared for it. Can you give me a couple of pointers on how to study for med-surg?
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    Wow I wish I hadn't read this thread. Now I'm really scared.
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    i failed pharm last semester fall 07, came back spring 07, passes it, and i will be starting second level on may 21, i'm nervous but then again i passed with an A
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    Quote from 2007rndmkt
    i am going to be starting back up in my nursing program this october 2006. i have been out since december 2005... i am really worried about failing the second time around, so i've been studying all my old notes and reading everything i can.
    my problem is not knowing what to exactly study for and how to answer the questions right on the test! i always seem to stuy too much or not enough....i have asked other students what they do, and most of them say they don't even read the books, that they just study the class lecture handouts. i feel like i would be missing something if i didn't look in my books....
    any suggestion would be so helpful.
    i always found it helpful to rewrite my notes and any thing that i had highlighted in a book,read it, write it,repeat it!good luck!remember to breathe!
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    I failed a year ago. I had to retest back into my program which means taking a comprehensive final in each area I previously passed. Make less than 78% and you fail. After you finish the exams up to the point which you failed you then take a math test. Miss more than one and you fail. If you make it through all of that then you redo all of your clinical skills. It was a two month process to get back into the program. They don't even guarantee a spot even if you pass all of that. Deal is so many people fail out of the program that there will be a spot available. You only get one shot to re-enter the program to start off at where you left off. Only two out of 17 people who tried one time got in. When I passed it was 3 out of 7. When I did not pass my OB rotation, I had fail by just 4 points. It was devestating. I did not know what I was going to do. By the way, I had to wait a whole year until that rotation came around to start again. It was a very stressful time. Some people don't even try to retest back in because they hear how hard it is and the chances of making it in are low. However, I felt like I owed it to myself to at least try. I gave it everything I had and I got back in. Then I went on this past year to do really well in all my rotations. I graduated in May and passed my HESI first time. If it is meant to be then it will happen.
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    One thing that helped me was to focus on my goals.... Im a single mother of 1 daughter. And trying to juggle between my school, her school, work, $ it was hard. But I failed out in my jr. year. I came back, had to retake all the ATI's and then after that had to be approved by the staff. Which I was! Thank goodness. but when I came back I was determined to do it right this time. If it weren't for my mom helping me out with my daughter so I could study, I wouldn't have made it but I studied my ARSE off!! :angryfireAnd graduated June 25th. I am waiting to take my NCLEX Aug 27th ! If I can do it anyone can... Good Luck to all that have to retake, Stay focused, and you will do fine.
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    failed this semester ( fall 2007) I failed on ATI, not on the lecture, but ATI. Now, I do not know what should I do.
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