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Has anyone attended Pulaski Technical College LPN's program?

  1. 0 Just curious to find out if anyone has gone through their program. If so, can you give me me feedback on it & how you liked it please. I will be taking the TEAS V sometimes this year for admission to the fall 2012 entrance.

    Thanks in advance!
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    yup. i graduated in '09. i first started out at baptist in which i was sick most of my 3 months there from being so stressed out. when i started pulaski i really liked it. less pressure. things was straight forward like regular college classes. i felt like i was actually learning instead of trying to memorize all this info for the next text. The classes was one at a time. so yes...i dont regret going there at all.
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    Thanks so much for replying! I was starting to think no one was going to respond! So, overall you had a good experience at PTC? I'm really excited to be applying to the program & i'm sure i have a pretty good chance as long as i do good on the TEAS test. Did you like all the teachers? & what were the school hours like? Sorry for all the questions, i'm just so curious!!!!
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    well we had this one clinical teacher who didnt mess around. in our conference we said what we had to say then all of a sudden she would grab her books on wheels and start down the hall. then she look at us and be like yall coming lol. we loved when she taught cuz we knew we was getn out early. well they made her the main teacher last yr n class. i heard alot days they got out @ 1030. suppose to be there till 3p. our normal days ran to 130p
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    I just got accepted to the traditional tract program for Fall of 12 so maybe we will be classmates.
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    EmiJoe, how is the lpn program going for you? Since I was so close to having my Associate degree, I decided wait and apply for the Fall 2013 class.
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    I'm thinking about applying for the LPN program at PTC in Fall 2013. I just need to take the Kaplan Test. When do classes normally start? I heard Baptist Schools was pretty intense and that will not work for me since I need to work nights and go to school.
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