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ADN OR BSN for Hospice Nursing?

  1. 0 I would like to become a Hospice nurse. Would getting my ADN be a disadvantage for this specialty? I live in Jonesboro and am 42 yr old. I thought about eventually completing a BSN but I am just out of a bad marriage and would like to get a stable job as quick as possible. Opinions are appreciated!
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    I'm not in Arkansas, I'm in the Midwest but many hospice nurses around here are ADNs. I know you say you want a job as soon as possible, but be aware that the ADN isn't really a 2 year degree...many programs require 1-1.5 years of pre reqs before you even start the nursing courses
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    Much may depend on the job market in your area. Have you tried calling a few hospice offices and asking?

    Hospice nursing is a tough field for new grads and one where (personally) I feel like additional education of a BSN is helpful.

    Remember just because there are experienced ADNs working in a given field doesn't mean they will hire a new ADN (or even a new BSN).

    Call some local offices, try to do a shadow shift.
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    I actually have alot of pre-reqs done for it and would only have to take the nursing portions as long as they accept my transfers. Lol,but you never know. Right?
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    shouldn't matter as to which degree you have. i have found that experience in hospice helps you land that job. you can do your ADN and get your BSN online. Good luck!