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anyone here plan to relocate to yuma regional medical center @ new grad rn intern in 2012. let's joy and have fun!... Read More

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    Quote from lc_2003
    I am currently in the program as well and it is an amazing opportunity!! As far as the pay goes, if you look around the country at other intern programs the pay is exactly the same; difference is 750 new grads competing for 10 slots. I have learned a lot in the last 5 months that I have been at Yuma Regional and I look forward to learning more in the upcoming months. Good luck to all of you on your interviews and I look forward to meeting you in September!!
    When do you come to the ED? Its this month, correct?

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    Hi to all of you. I just subscribed specifically to comment to this post. I just moved (2 wks ago), and I could not let you go to Yuma just because this appear as a light at the end of the dark tunnel we are all in (looking for an opportunity). I used to live in Yuma for the last 6 years, and this hospital you are commenting, it is a handful. Check in the online government page that gives A, B, C, D (as grades) to hospitals please. It is not a secret this place has a B, and the page says it is a B because of a high number of patients' deaths. Now, it is suspected that they are sending out people to nursing homes to die in order to have a better grade. If it is too good to be true, then it is not true. I moved out of Yuma because there is nothing (besides this site) and 3 nursing homes and 1 rehab center, for nurses. I personally met nurses from this ED, and they were burnout. This is why I belief no one with ED experience wanted the $ sign-on bonus to fill out their positions for over a year (before this program). In fact, there was a six or so month period that most of their ED nurses left (last year 2011 during the snowbird season). This last 6 months (of 2012), a huge number of experienced nurses (from all units) left because of the implementation of computer charting. From my nursing program year (2010), which is local, only 6 people were hired, and they told me that older nurses were upset because the training to computer charting was not appropriate. Older nurses did not have enough training and left. As simple as that. The paperwork was long (I worked there as an extern), but it was easy to complete. Now, the computer charting (which I saw its print out results 2 weeks ago before I quit my nursing home job) was out of comprehension. In my job place, we could not understand what medications patients were taking (which were discontinued/started), and we, my colleagues at the nursing home, bothered the ED/ hospital nurses to clarify the orders they sent out. Any time we called, it seemed they had a hard time locating the information to answer simple questions (Ex. was this Vitamin xxx(shot) administered in the hospital stay -which was usually 3-5 days). This is my input to those of you who wanted more information about this place. I cannot imagine how good or bad the ED program is. I wish you best of luck if you believe you can succeed in this program. On the other hand, consider this as a bad cellphone contract, since you have to pay some fees if the contract is broken (so if you decide this is a program you really want, you got to have a strong personality and heart to complete the 2-3 years commitment). Honestly, this is my sincere thoughts&knowlegde%feelings about this--- I mean no offense to anybody. Bye.
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    I'm new grad and like all of you am looking for some real experiences. I am a advanced computer user and that is the last thing that bothers me about this offer. Mainly because I am making 50-95 hr in home health right now I'm not going to get involved with YRMC. Unless the offer is $27 or better then I will consider. Never sign a one sided contract. A place like this could push you out and make you liable on the contract. Everyone should be patient. Be patient.

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