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anyone here plan to relocate to yuma regional medical center @ new grad rn intern in 2012. let's joy and have fun!... Read More

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    Hi Fourland and GonnaAmazeYou,

    Have either of you been contacted yet by anyone from Yuma? It was my understanding that they were doing interviews last Friday, today and tomorrow. That being said, it seems like time is running out...

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    Nope have u heard anything? I got an email saying questionaire was received and someone would contact me shortly, that was last Sunday though.
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    Quote from patientlywaiting2008
    Hi Fourland and GonnaAmazeYou,

    Have either of you been contacted yet by anyone from Yuma? It was my understanding that they were doing interviews last Friday, today and tomorrow. That being said, it seems like time is running out...
    Guys! please be patient, up to tomorrow (July 24) is their promise too!
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    $16 ? Ummm... yeah no thank you! I make more than that as an LPN now!
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    $16/hr? That is record low pay for an RN. It should be at least 9 or 10 more bucks an hour at the lowest for a new grad. I guess these are desparate times.
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    It would have been nice to have a date and time for the phone interview since when I did get called it was at a bad time for me being in a different time zone. They scheduled me for a second interview today. After thinking about it all night, I am more than likely going to pass if they do offer me a position. I want to relocate to Arizona but the pay the offer is not high enough even if that is only for the first 6 months and then it gets bumped up if they think you are performing satisfactorily. The position is only for ED and from what I was told they are pretty short staffed in that department so they are forced to supplement with travel nurses and seasonal nurses. That makes me concerned as to why they are having trouble keeping nurses there. It is a 3 year committment which includes the 8 months for the residency program. The start date I was told is September 10th. Even though I really want to get a nursing job and start working, I don't feel this one is going to be a good fit so I guess I will keep looking and applying elsewhere. Good luck to everyone and I hope you all hear back soon.
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    Hi AZdreaming,

    Did your first interview take place at the time they initially contacted you? Have you had your second one yet? I believe the need for travel and seasonal nurses is based on the steep increase in the population during the winter months due to the retirees. It would be fiscally unwise to hire permanent employees if you cannot keep them employed year round. It doesn't necessariy mean that the ED is cronically understaffed. I think overall, despite the low starting wage, it sounds like a good program. Not many new grad programs are eight months long. It would be nice to have access to more detailed information regarding the specifics of the program. Take care and Good Luck to you!
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    I specifically asked about staffing levels & support in the ED, the response was more along the difficulty keeping people. I actually think it threw the interviewer off because she wasn't expecting the question. After submitting my questionnaire, I got an email saying it was received and I would hear from them shortly. I didn't hear anything back until yesterday when they called to do an interview. They didn't schedule the interviews for specific times and instead were just calling candidates during the dates mentioned for interviews. I didn't have my second interview yet. It was mentioned in the first interview that the first 6 months are spent in areas such as med/surg and woman's health before switching in the 7th and 8th month to the ED. If you leave before the 8 months are up there is a $7250 payback. The payback is prorated after the 8 months if you leave before the 36 month commitment is up.
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    Have you all found out yet? I'm in the program right now, about to start my ER training. It's a good opportunity. Best of luck and looking forward to meeting you!
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    I am currently in the program as well and it is an amazing opportunity!! As far as the pay goes, if you look around the country at other intern programs the pay is exactly the same; difference is 750 new grads competing for 10 slots. I have learned a lot in the last 5 months that I have been at Yuma Regional and I look forward to learning more in the upcoming months. Good luck to all of you on your interviews and I look forward to meeting you in September!!
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