What are doing to prevent getting the flu this season?

  1. Anyone else dreading the upcoming flu season like me? I've gotten my flu shot and my PCP has recommended I get the H1N1 immunization when it comes out. Is anyone else considering getting it? Pros? Cons?

    I work in the PICU so we are going to be innundated with RSV and flu cases (like every year) but for some reason I'm dreading this year because of all the hype. Thoughts? Rants?

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  3. by   Cursed Irishman
    I don't get either; we've already had a number of admissions for r/o swine flu.....its annoying
  4. by   sassiebaz
    Hoping and praying.....
  5. by   boomerfriend
    Well, we've had our first confirmed RSV patient so ... IT STARTS.....
  6. by   HJS27
    If you have a chance to get the H1N1 immunization, take it.
  7. by   llg
    I'll be getting both vaccines ASAP. (seasonal shot in a couple of days and H1N1 as soon as available.)

    I am also going to avoid situations likely to promote the spread of the virus as much as is reasonably possible -- eg. crowds, close contact with people, etc. I'll be extra vigilent about washing my hands, keeping my hands away from my face, etc.

    Finally, I am trying to support the national efforts to minimize the spread of the virus by educating people about the need for extra precautions this year. I "talk up" that need whenever I can.

    While no single measure can guarantee that a person won't get it, if we all take precautions, we will reduce the amount of total virus out there spreading itself around -- and that will lead to a lower number of cases overall. Lowering the incidence "within the herd" of humans will help keep a bad influenza season from becoming a social/economic disaster.