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I've come across several postings fairly recently from new grads wanting to move to the Phoenix area and I want to make them aware that the job market here is very competitive. Unless you are an experienced nurse, have great... Read More

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    My best advice to new Grad Rns who do not make it past interviews at hospitals is to go work HOME health. There are so many companies that will definitely hire a BSN RN and LPNs too. I just got a call from one more this morning. MGA homehealth hires and trains you. Spectrum home health hires and trains you. I just got a call from Alarys home health. Post your resume on Career Builder etc so they can just Call you. Apply everywhere that doesn't explicitly say must have 5 years experience or no New grads. Be confident during your interview process and professional. Be positive. Search google everyday for example. "new grad phoenix" and look at indeed listing.. right now I can tell you there are still taking applications for Abrazo Rn Development Academy. Be POSITIVE. You were able to get good grades and get into nursing school, pass hard curriculum, Take an NCLEX. Get your license. You deserve the job and satisfaction of achieving your dreams and never let anyone or any obstacle stop you from achieving those dreams.

    The hospital websites are confusing. Just apply anyway. I did not know the Phoenix Childrens hospital does not post a GAP program position with words NEW GRAD.. they just list certain positions and if it says 1 year experience "preferred" than apply because if they want you and interview you.. they will send you their program. John C Lincoln trains new grads and posts positions with New Grad but will also train you if you apply as a new grad for positions that say 1 year experience preferred. If you want to work at Banner than apply to every job that says New grad "yes". Abrazo is specific with their new grad postings and seems to be the fastest in sending you a rejection letter email stating please see our development academy every three months. Chandler Regional Medical Center has a New Grad program. Maricopa Intergrated Health has a new Grad program. Aurora Behavioral Health (If you want Psych) advertises they hire new grads on their website. Yuma has a new grad position I was emailed to write them back to further interview process but I realized it was 3 hr. drive.. ya i can't do that. My point is apply apply apply.. and BELIEVE

    According to Discover Nursing there are 104 specialties. Explore Specialties | Discover Nursinghich to me means the Possibilities are endless. If you are called to be a nurse and it has always been your dream than go for it. Don't let fear of failure hold you back. Don't let the self doubt and nay saying of others stop you from doing what you always wanted to do.

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    AZ continues to be a tough nursing market. Challenges include the federal budget sequester, slow economy (no growth), reduced reimbursements, restrictions and penalties for hospital 30 day readmits or deaths, etc.

    I should add, hospice and home health referrals are also down. Hospitals are trying to cut there losses anyway they can. One of the largest valley hospitals has a strict no external referral policy (probably illegal too).
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