vaccinations and tests needed for nursing school?

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    I'm scheduled to start in October but have not received my info packet yet. I would love to get a head start on any tests, titres, or vaccinations needed before I start nursing school through Gateway. Is there a list I can find online somewhere? Thanks!

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    If you go to click on the program you are interested in there is a link for the nursing program application. It list the vaccines needed. Hope this helps..
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    You would have had to get all of that done prior to turining in your application...or am I missing something?
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    Quote from sassiebaz
    You would have had to get all of that done prior to turining in your application...or am I missing something?
    Proof of immunizations, a copy of red Cross card and the doctor sign off sheet (physical) are not on the list of items to be turned in with the NS application (yes, for CNA classes tho'). I asked the adviser about them when I turned my application in the other day and she told me that we will need to turn them in before clinical begins but not untill then. Thankfully, I already have all mine done as they were required in order to apply for the CNA program.

    Required docs in addition to your application are the NET scores and a copy of the finger printing card (front & back). Hope this helps.

    p.s. I had all my immunization done at Banner/Good Samaritan's occupational health. Not cheap but they know exactly how to fill out the forms & such for MCCC's programs.
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    Wow, I stand corrected. I guess because I applied to an LPN program, it may have been different. The best thing (to answer the original question) to do would be look at an application from the lpn or cna program and see what is required as far as immunizations are concerned. Im sure it's identical. But, maybe Im wrong again? Pretty sure though....
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    Thanks for looking for me. I have not found anything specific yet, just a general mention of tests and drug screening. Hopefully the info packet will come soon. If not I'll have to call them after Labor Day. The class schedule is supposed to be in place by then and they will hopefully have that info.

    Thanks for the suggestion to have all the bloodwork done at Banner. That makes a lot of sense.
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    Here are the forms you will need
    I had my titers done with my PCP who also needs to do your physical, I went to CVS for all of the immunizations I needed. See you in October!
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    Thanks so much!

    I am thinking I can check with my ob/gyn for the titers because I know I was screened for a lot of things when I was pregnant. I was found to not be be immune to rubella and was given the vaccine as soon as I delivered and I know he has those records.

    So I need to get CPR certified . . did you do that yet?
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    yes I actually had a guy come to my house for a private lesson-It was AWESOME! I went ahead and took the Professional Rescuer Training, we did it in March for several reasons; nursing school but my husband is a certified Medic and we also have a pool and we try to keep updated and certified because of that. If you havea few friends interested in doing it it can be fun.
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    I was on this site looking for information on the vaccines. I have already had 2 of the MMR vaccines as a child, and was wondering if I need to still get the titers for those. I have faxed my stuff to the advisor, and she has still not gotten back with me. She said she would review it, and i have left messages, sent emails, and still nothing. Are they going to require a titer if I have already had the vaccine?

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