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    Hey all,Did anyone apply for this position? I think they only had it up for a little bit and now you cannot even access job description. My status says "under consideration" but have not heard from them yet.
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    It will take some time to "consider" all 23,000 applicants.

    Take a number, grab a drink, and get comfortable.
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    Quote from Asystole RN
    It will take some time to "consider" all 23,000 applicants.
    Wow, that's a pretty incredible number. I guess I thought things would move sooner since I believe the posting said interviews would be starting soon, if not now. Thanks for the reality check.
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    Are you serious? That's an insane number! Did someone tell you that?
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    I hope you got the job! I was so worried I wouldn't get into any of the new grad programs in Tucson but was called in last week for an interview. I was brought in for a second interview and then offered the position soon after! I'm meeting with the HR department next week to sign everything and make it official!!!
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    Aww, congratulations, alovelyRN! No, I never got a call. I imagine that is because I do not have an AZ license and I live in New Jersey, but I am interested in relocating out there. I'm very interested in migrant health. Oh well. I should probably get a compact state license and then that would help me. I have to say I am a little disappointed (I would have flown out to interview and applied for a license asap!) but oh well. CONGRATS!
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    Can anyone confirm that the new grad salary is $23/hr?
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    It's $24.50/hr for all new grads to start plus 15% if you work nights ($28.17/hr).
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    Thank you so much; I work there as a tech and was wondering! Good luck at work! If you have any questions, PM me!
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    After completing the new grad orientation, do you get a raise? After a year? How long does it stay at $24.50? Also, is that good for Arizona new grad pay? I'm just wondering about how fast I can pay off school loans!
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