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Hey all,Did anyone apply for this position? I think they only had it up for a little bit and now you cannot even access job description. My status says "under consideration" but have not heard from them yet.... Read More

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    Quote from azbsnstudent
    After completing the new grad orientation, do you get a raise? After a year? How long does it stay at $24.50? Also, is that good for Arizona new grad pay? I'm just wondering about how fast I can pay off school loans!
    that's about average. banner starts new grads out around 25, scottsdale is around 26. not sure about the dignity system. mayo starts new grads out at a whopping 20.xx (ouch). if you want to make more, work nights and pick up extra shifts!

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    From my understanding, there are no real raises this year. But if you go up the clinical ladder to clinical nurse II (12-18 months later?), you can get paid more. I think clinical staff nurse IIs are hired at $28-29 an hour.

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