Tucson/Sierra Vista hospitals - info please

  1. Hi all! Hoping to get some info about the different Carondolet hospitals and TMC. I can't apply to UMC as I only have 10 months experience as an RN and I spoke with recruiter and she said I need one year or start as a new grad and that is competitive (per UMC Recruiter). Carondolet and TMC websites indicate that I could start with my 10 months (ICU program done as a new grad). I am relocating d/t spouse's job so between Tucson to Sierra Vista area. I am looking at Sierra Vista and Tucson both, but these two hospitals are the only 2 that I have been able to see open jobs for. I am not stuck on staying in ICU, it would just be an adjustment to go to tele/medsurg and get used to higher pt loads. Thanks for any input!

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  3. by   silentRN
    sucks you can't apply at UMC.
  4. by   paintingskies
    My husband works at Sierra Vista. You may be able to get in with that much experience. I'm currently a new graduate and they will not even consider me. The other hospitals, such as Carondelet, all have in-house nursing programs and typically do not hire outside... from what I've been told by recruiters. (That may be specific to new grads). My husband originally came from Tucson Medical Center and did their in-house nursing program. He was let out of his contract to work their because of their inability to find a position for him. Northwest Medical Center may consider you. They do not have much options for new graduates, though...