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I went to the informational session today. One hour of great information, 2/3 of which had to do with the traditional route to nursing school at ASU. Long. But eventually, he covered the 2nd degree... Read More

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    Quote from inspiredRN10
    but I am just curious to what it could be...hopefully good changes
    Yes, like lower tuition or fewer requirements. Maybe extend that science requirement to something like decades instead of 5 years!
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    Hello all - I am wondering if anyone on the board has been accepted to the ASU 2nd Degree program or knows someone who is? Was really interested to see this post last fall about the program, was hoping someone might have an info update. Cheers ;-)
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    As of right now ASU has postponed the start for the program...the first cohort was suppose to begin this summer. They may try to start it next year, but as of right now it isnt happening. Such a bummer..
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    Oh, that is a bummer. Hopefully that gets off the ground next year, would like to know that is an option. Thanks for the update ;-)
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    I spoke to an advisor at ASU, and as of right now, they don't have a program. There has been a grant submitted to offer a program, but she will not hear if she has received funding for it until July/August. Hope this helps!
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    Did anyone apply for the Spring of 2012? I'm eager to get my letter! Fingers crossed it goes well.

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