Sept. 13 2011.... For Spring 2012 Placements...

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    When and where did u get accepted, and when was your date and Time stamp?? I am crossing my fingers I get my first choice, I have been waiting for a good 2 years, hopefully this is the Time. I can't wait to get started on my way to finally becoming a nurse . My time stamp is 10/16/09 8:06am

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    I have also been waiting for a good 2 years its been very hard to wait. My time stamp is 10/16/09 8:05am my first choice is GCC part time and second Gateway part time. Cant wait for placements today!
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    I forgot to post which programs I was wanting, I chose Mesa traditional #1 and Gateway Trad #2... I'm hoping, they are not quite off line, but soon enough
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    I got my first choice GCC weekend yay omg its been such a long wait! I waited 2 years to get placed glad the wait is finally over!!Congrats to everyone who got in!!
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    I too got accepted into my First Choice. Mesa Traditional.... The LONG wait is over, now the hard work will begin. Congrats to all those who got placed today, and to those who will get placed in the upcoming weeks
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    No one ever puts their time stamp. Remember to provide your time stamp!
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    oh and My timestamp was 10/16/09 8:06:01 AM and got first choice
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    Well done! Congrats! Hopefully we can find out when the later stamps were!
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    Yay!!! I finally got in as well after a 2 year wait. For those of you keeping tabs (as I did--lurking on these boards and obsessively comparing my time-date stamp to others) I was 12/09 and I got my first choice Paradise Valley. Congrats to all of you.
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    I got in today as well. My timestamp was 12/09 and I got my second choice of Phoenix Collge. Let the fun begin!!!!!

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