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Hello All :) This is my first post so if I am doing something wrong please understand. My name is Aaron and reside in AZ. I am in my early Forties and for the past 18 months I have been earning my pre and co-requisites... Read More

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    Quote from wbthomas
    From what I understand, if you get a degree from Chamberlin, and then later decide to go to ASU or UofA to get your masters degree, you will not be able to do so with a degree from Chamberlin because it will not be recognized.

    Am I wrong? It would be great if I am.
    If you attend the Phoenix campus of Chamberlain College of Nursing,then yes, you are wrong.

    And just a piece of info regarding BSN vs. ADN, I interviewed for a new grad position this week at one of the bigger hospital groups in Phoenix, and the Nurse Recruiter flat out told me that the hiring manager (so the RN manager on the unit) gave her specific directions that she did not even want to see any applications from ADN graduates.

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    BTW, what is with all the Chamberlain hate???
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    Jasonjacobson hello I see that you're a graduate of CCON I wanted to know did you have an issue with getting employment with a degree from this school?? There is much controversy with whether or not they are accredited. If you can clear this up that would be great.
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    RNbree hello did you have any issues with gaining employment with your degree from Chamberlin?? I'm trying to decide if I should attend or not. Thanks for your input.

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