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Previous threads have indicated some student preferences of Phoenix College over Rio Salado for online Bio 201...I need to make a final decision on which college to take the class at and would appreciate some more indepth reason... Read More

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    I am doing PC's Bio 201 right now and I love it! I would never ever take another online bio class from Rio. The labs and class are way more ineractive at PC too. Also, my class doesn't have a comprehensive midterm and final. There are four tests that each test you over about 4 chapters.

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    Hi g33kgirl

    After taking BIO 201 at Rio, and reading your post, I think I will sign up for BIO 202 at PC as well.
    Have you had any tests yet? Are they reasonable? The tests at RIO are so strange, they are not in the same format than the Quizzes or Lab tests and they really catch you by surprise.
    Are these Chapter tests at home tests and are there any essays to write in this class?

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    I am looking to take Bio 201 online at another community college. I just finished Bio 156 at Rio and hated it. If you have taken Bio at PC or CAC (not sure which school this is but have seen several good posts) can you please PM me with good professors...and ones to avoid??

    Can you enroll in these classes at anytime like Rio?
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    Hi g33kgirl,
    i wanted to ask you who your bio201-online professor was at PC and if you would recommend them, i took bio201 in person at PC this past spring and it was just overwhelming, not the work for say but more of the memorization of things, but yea i had to drop it. also this is a question for everyone if you could help me out if i were to take the bio201 online does anyone recommend taking bio205 in person at PC? or just take one bio class at a time. thanks everyone.
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    Are the online courses at PC COMPLETELY ONLINE? Tests and everything? or do you have to go in for exams or proctoring? I know Rio does proctored exams...
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    My Bio 201 is all online, my Math is in person exams.

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