Rio or Phoenix College Bio201 - ONLINE - page 2

Previous threads have indicated some student preferences of Phoenix College over Rio Salado for online Bio 201...I need to make a final decision on which college to take the class at and would... Read More

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    Hi g33kgirl,
    i wanted to ask you who your bio201-online professor was at PC and if you would recommend them, i took bio201 in person at PC this past spring and it was just overwhelming, not the work for say but more of the memorization of things, but yea i had to drop it. also this is a question for everyone if you could help me out if i were to take the bio201 online does anyone recommend taking bio205 in person at PC? or just take one bio class at a time. thanks everyone.
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    Are the online courses at PC COMPLETELY ONLINE? Tests and everything? or do you have to go in for exams or proctoring? I know Rio does proctored exams...
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    My Bio 201 is all online, my Math is in person exams.

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