receiving pts from ED without verbal report

  1. The hospital I work at is now eliminating verbal report when we get pts transferred to the floor from the ED. We are now just suppose to use our new SBAR tab in our charting program to get our info. I guess once the pt is booked into a room, they then just show up. Does anyone have experience of receiving pts from the ED without getting a report?

    Is it me or does this seem unsafe? any thoughts?
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  3. by   tablefor9
    Yes, unsafe. Our facility tried this, got loads of negative feedback, from the very vocal RNs we are...and changed it. We now get SBAR faxed, then ER (or PACU) calls to verify faxed report rec'd, and allow time for a Q&A. Thumbs up for the new system.
  4. by   justanimals
    We receive a faxed SBAR and a phone call to verify receipt. There is a standard time for arrival of patient, but that doesn't always happen because they may be waiting on a doctor to complete something. The nurse calls if she has any questions about SBAR. There is no perfect system, the information is only as good as the nurse giving it to you, if you know what I mean.
  5. by   Mercy65
    We started doing the same thing see a report in the computer and just sign it off, we don't talk to a nurse unless we have questions. Once they post the report they call the unit to say the report is ready and we have 15 min to review before the pt comes to the floor.

    Don't like it, but I make sure I look at labs and vitals and any history from past visits if possible before they come to the unit.
  6. by   silentRN
    I still have to get verbal report when I receive a patient in the ICU from another unit, but i do fax SBAR when I transfer pt to a floor unit. I don't mind it.
  7. by   AZ Nurse
    I think we work in the same place! I too believe that nothing really replaces the person to person discussion about a patient prior to transfer. Guess they will wait till there is a "event" until they change it.
  8. by   DogCrazy
    We're just starting to change our report system for ED patients and have gotten a couple on the floor without any verbal report. I had a friend whose pt was an etoh pt having active hallucinations, and nobody told her he was in the room. I don't like it.