Phoenix Children's Hospital

  1. Phoenix Children's Hospital updated the AZ state there would be a layoff of up to 150 staff. I have seen no news reports but the AZ Worker and Retraining Notice website lists it as of Jan 31, 2013.
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  3. by   Hoozdo
    Thanks for the heads up Kabin. An RN friend of mine just had an interview there on Friday. Odd....
  4. by   SL2014
    They also recently hired a lot of new grads (like 2-3 months ago). It would be my guess that PCH is going through a state of change like many of the hospitals. I feel like they are trying to remove nurses with "old mentalities" of eating their young and "we've always done it this way". Hospitals are being held more accountable that ever for EBP outcomes and I think people that don't want to go with the program are being phased out... After all there are MANY nurses looking for jobs...
  5. by   anon456
    It is partly because their NICU contract with Banner Good Sam was not renewed.

    Phoenix Children's Hospital and Banner Good Samaritan sever NICU ties - Phoenix Women's Health |