Past DUI?

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    Does anyone know if having a DUI in the past will make getting an RN or a job in the health care field impossible or difficult?

    One hears rumors, but I'm looking for information on any barriers that may come up because of a stupid mistake in my past.

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    I knew an RN who has a past DUI. She never had trouble getting a job. However, she told me she had to do a bunch of extra paperwork because of it. Good luck
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    You need to contact the Board of Nursing in the state where you want to be licensed. Doing this early, will hopefully save you a lot of problems later on. Good luck.
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    I sent an email to the Arizona State Board of Nursing.
    This was the reply:


    It depends. When you apply for licensure in AZ you have to answer 2 questions: Are you currently under investigation or is a disciplinary action pending against your nursing license or CNA certificate in any state or territory of the US? AND . . . have you ever been convicted, entered a plea of guilty, nolo contendre or no contest, or have you ever been sentenced, served time in jail or prison, or had probation or sentence deferred in any felony or undesignated offense? If you respond with a "yes", your application will be reviewed.

    We also require fingerprints. If the report comes back positive, you will also be reviewed. It depends on the number of DUI's you may have had, when did the DUI occur, are there other indicators indicating that alcohol may be a problem, etc, etc. There is not a simple answer for your question, but hope that this helps.

    Good Morning:

    When that person renews or applies for license, there is a question on the renewal or application that asks?

    "Have you ever been convicted, entered a plea of guilty, nolo contendre or no contest, or have you ever been sentenced, served time in jail or prison, or had probation or sentence deferred in any felony or undesignated offense?

    If yes answer, provide a written explanation of the details of each conviction and sentence. Return the written explanation, a copy of the police report and court documents for each conviction, indicating type of conviction, conviction date and sentence including the date of absolute discharge of the sentence for each felony conviction with your application. If you answer "yes" to this question, your application or renewal will not be processed until you provide proof that it has been more than 5 years since the sentence for each felony conviction has been completed or provide proof that the conviction was designated a misdemeanor."

    So if they were on probation, the date they could apply would be 5 years after the date of absolute discharge from the probation. The Bd considers applicants with felony convictions over 5 years from the date of absolute discharge on a case-by-case basis. There is not a simple answer to your question, but hope this helps.
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    Do you know what type of screening process the Board uses to determine if one is alcohol dependent and how long they can withhold licensure? Also, what if DUI charges have been dropped to reckless driving? Although that is a midemeanor, it is at least not alcohol related. Is one able to be fingerprinted if convicted of DUI charges? It seems one stupid mistake can risk a career and dedication of hard work in school. I also was not too bright one evening and am looking for any advice..
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    The above response was meant for anyone to reply but particularly to PHXGoddess..
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    I was able to get my fingerprint clearance, but it has a driving restriction on it.

    I can only direct you towards the Arizona Board for any further questions.
    (if you are in AZ. If not - contact your state board)
    or Main Line: ( 602 ) 889-5150

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    Numerous threads on this.

    For more information use "search", there should be plenty of info.
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    Thanks for your help. I will contact AZ Board for further questions. Just curious, how does the driving restrictions show on your license and why would that have a negative effect? I will also locate the search button and review other threads as suggested. Again, thanks for the advice..
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    I came from another state in 2004 with a DUI from 2000. The Board put me on probation for 1 year, limited my ability to work, requires weekly attendance to nurse recovery meetings, evaluations for relapse, weekly AA attendance. At the end of the year probation I can submit a request for a hearing to have my license re-evaluated. They decide whether or not to extend the probation. Also, monthly drug testing. One of the nurses in my nurse recovery meetings was in a car accident and in a coma/ICU for a month. When she was released, the board informed her that her probation would be extended for 6 months because she received controlled substances during hospital stay, and missed her AA, and nurse recovery meetings. I guess I feel sometimes, that the nursing board, or some of the employees of are very hardened people, without much heart left. People do make mistakes in life. I don't know anyone perfect, But even God forgives. I was told that According to the board once your license has been put on probation, even after discharge, it can be very difficult to become licensed in other states. The validity of this statement I don't know, but if it is true it makes me feel that this will follow me for the rest of my life. Most of us who have made mistakes feel alot of remorse. I feel that I will have to explain this mistake for the rest of my life. Has anyone had any experiences with this? Will it always be this bad. The DUI happened in 2000, after my son was killed in a car accident. I lost it. How long to you have to pay for mistakes?

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