Northern Arizona University Fall 2014

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    Hello Everyone! There's no forum for us NAU students applying for the fall 2014 semester, so I started one! I'm curious what scores everyone is applying with and what campus you are applying to. I got a 81% on my Kaplan with a 65% on my science I have a around a 3.89 GPA and am applying to Flagstaff campus. How about everyone else?

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    I had similar stats when I applied to the Tucson program, and I got in on my first try. I'm now in my fourth semester. Good luck to you!
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    Moved to allnurses Arizona Nursing forum for best chance member response
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    I am currently an alternate with these stats:

    82% on the Kaplan with an 80% on the science portion
    3.64 GPA

    Since your GPA is significantly higher I would be surprised if you didn't get in.
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    It's good to hear from everyone! Do you mind if I ask what you got on your science portion? Since nau looks so heavily on your science portion, I was wondering if you got in with a lower science score?
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    Also, does anyone know if this is the only forum for NAU's fall 2014 nursing program?
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    I have applied to Yuma campus only with 85 on my science (89 overall). I have read on previous forums that Kaplan in mid to high 80s and GPA above 3.6 is competitive.
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    Hi guys! I'm currently in the program at the Tucson campus. If you have any questions about the program, I'd be happy to answer them. Good luck to all of you! And for those of you anxiously waiting, we got our letters on May 1st last year. Don't confuse acceptance to the University as acceptance to the program (it's easy to do), you've gotta wait for that nice, fat acceptance packet to arrive!
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    The Yuma campus is great. Only 10 students per cohort. All clinicals are in Yuma. YRMC offers an extern position after your first year of school. Great clinical and didactic instructors. Also less applicants. If your willing to live in the armpit of AZ I highly recommend applying there.
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    I'd love to have an idea of what the first semester looks like in the program. I know it's rigorous but how many hours spent in lab, clinicals, class, etc?

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