New License, How long does the AZ BON really take?

  1. 0 Just passed my school test last week & applied to the BON in person, including a completed fingerprint card. How long before I get authorization to test (in the real world). Looking at the AZ BON homepage it could be 3 weeks to 6 months. Obviously hoping for sooner rather than later..

    For those who've went through this, how long did it take? Thanks for any info!
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    As soon as your school turns in your transcripts to BON. That is usually the
    hang up.
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    I'm thinking it only took a couple of weeks(graduated last March)--but Hoozdo is right--depends on when your school turns in the transcripts.
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    Yep, that was my experience. Once they got my application, my money and received my transcript directly from the school, I got the ATT letter a couple of days later. If you stay on your school, call the Board, and check the Board website, they are good about getting it right out to you. I was also impressed by the Board turn-around time on getting my license. I took the NCLEX on a Thursday and by Monday I was licensed. The challenge is now getting a job as a new grad. Good luck on the NCLEX.
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    Looks like the school is definitely the hang-up. Apparently the program director went on x-mas break without sending the letters to the board.

    I was in the BON's computer system after only 8 days - but no authorization to test yet. Funny, the board's site says "fingerprints YES", but under "lawful presence" it says "unverified"...

    Kinda like watching paint dry - but there isn't anything else you can do besides watch & wait... no license = no job...
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    For future reference, I thought I'd post my timeline from applying to licensing...

    I dropped off my application packet to the BON on December 16th.

    My name popped up on the BON website on Dec 29th. (online verification)

    Received authorization to test Jan 4th

    Took the test Jan 12th (first available slot!)

    BON has me down as passing nclex as of Jan 13th

    Fingerprints are the only hang up...

    The BON is definitely very responsive.
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    I applied to AZBN to take the NCLEX in June. The education was sent within a week. They still havent even verified the education 1 month later.

    I keep going to the AZBN and sometimes I get the really nice helpful lady who actually gets up and checks it out for me, she said that the education was "scanned" over a week ago and that I should have my ATT by now, but I still dont have any sign of my education being verified or an ATT.

    Other times I get the really unhelpful lady who just doesnt want to do anything. Either way, the months plod by and AZBN does nothing.

    Anyone else sitting waiting this summer for a response from AZBN?

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