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  1. Well I know this has been talked about before but I am just looking for any advice on where to find a new grad RN job in the Phoenix area (East Valley preferred). I have been applying for over 6 months to hundreds of jobs. I am wondering if anyone has advice or any specific places you would recommend applying to that may hire new grads. I appreciate any help because I am getting so frustrated! Also, not being from the area I am hoping maybe someone can have some advice on specific places I might have missed.
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  3. by   GilbertAzRN
    Hi Sarah - I feel your pain! All I want for Christmas is an RN job too! I'm so discouraged getting nothing but reject e-mails in my inbox because they want experienced nurses. There are such few "new grad" positions in the area and hundreds of applicants - many of which are "fellows" or has experience doing clinicals in those hospital. Many positions gets filled by in-house applicants. I also feel like I have a disadvantage since I went to school out of state even though I have a BSN and two years hospital experience as a Nurse Tech. The only positions I've found lately which are new grad positions are Banner Health and Abrazo Health but I'm sure you have already found those. Feel free to PM me if you want to compare application notes. Keep applying and keep the faith. Sooner or later you'll get a job.
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  4. by   *green
    They seem to be impossible to find if you don't have an in at a hospital.
  5. by   rntim49
    Yes that is true, they call it networking now because it sounds better than (it's who you know)
    Relax, it is not just new grads having trouble finding work. We are all in the same boat. Just landed a job myself however have to relocate 2000 miles to do it. will I? you bet.
  6. by   yooper86
    I might be relocating 2000 miles too.. just had the interview yesterday.
  7. by   rntim49
    Cool, what state? that is a long way.congrats
  8. by   GilbertAzRN
    My fellow New Grads - KEEP THE FAITH, you will get a job. I took me six months of persistent applications and rejections, but I just got a job yesterday. Praise God! I have to travel an hour each way, but I don't mind the drive at all. I'm just so grateful to get a position where I'll get the training, mentoring and support I need as new grad in med-surg.

    I can relate to the responses, I also had been applying several hours from my home and considering living part-time away from my husband and kids so that I could get the experience. In this market you have to be flexible, open-minded and persistent in your job search. Sometimes postings are just up for two days (Mayo) and sometimes they'll just take them down when they are hit a couple of hundreds applicants (Banner). So keep your eyes open on every hospital's jobsite daily.

    I'm excited but so humble because I know that many of you have been looking for a long long time. You are in my prayers. Just have faith that the right job is out there in the right time.
  9. by   MassagetoRN
    FYI, most of the East Valley hospitals are Banner, which is saturated with Banner Fellows, so those jobs are super difficult. In fact, I only know of 2 new grad jobs in the last 6 months that went to non-fellow grads at the East Valley Banner hospitals. And 1 of those already worked there, and the other knew/related to a nurse on that floor. Please be flexible and look at hospitals further out, prisions, home health, LTC, etc. And keep the faith! God has a plan for us all!!!
  10. by   yooper86
    Thanks for the advice everyone, it's nice talking to people who know what I'm going through. GilbertAzRN Congrats on getting a job! Especially one that isn't too far away. I actually got the job I interviewed for and will be leaving for Michigan next week. It's an hour away from my hometown and on the med-surg floor. I'm not happy to leave my life here and my boyfriend but I need the experience and am hoping to move back here after I get it!
  11. by   Multicollinearity
    I graduated Dec. 2009. I also relocated for a fantastic job with excellent pay. These jobs for new grads are out there if you are willing to move.
  12. by   MassagetoRN
    Quote from MulticollinearityRN
    I graduated Dec. 2009. I also relocated for a fantastic job with excellent pay. These jobs for new grads are out there if you are willing to move.
    Congrats!! Can you say where the new job is? Thanks!
  13. by   MisterSimba
    Quote from MassagetoRN
    Congrats!! Can you say where the new job is? Thanks!
    I'm wondering the same thing! What states should I be looking in? I live in CA but can relocate if necessary.
  14. by   Multicollinearity
    Go rural. Just about any state.