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I applied for the Mayo clinic new grad program the first day the position was available (they had the position online from the 14-16 of this month). Does anyone knows when they start calling for interviews and more importantly... Read More

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    I don't remember other things too clearly from the interview either, haha. When it was done, I was just relieved. She was also talking really fast, so I felt like I was writing more than paying attention.
    I'm happy to hear 94 interviewed (my uncle said it could be from 80-120). That's a 42% chance of being chosen! Better than the odds of getting in to nursing school, haha. Even though getting in to nursing school for me felt pretty easy because I was sure to get straight A's (getting the grades was the difficult part).
    Well, I hope we hear good things too I'm starting to get a little run down in my job search and getting a job at the mayo clinic would be absolutely amazing. It also makes me come I have the qualifications to get an interview with such a prestigious hospital and yet I hear nothing from anywhere else? It's like every hospital hires internally (or just people they know) except for mayo. I'm happy someone gave me the chance to interview with them

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    Hey guys

    I also interviewed with them on October 10th. Interviewing is always so nerveracking and I haven't had much experience with it either so that doesn't help me out much. Although I do feel this one went much better since it wasn't a five person panel interview.

    I'm sure you guys feel the same way but this wait is killing meeeeeeeeeee I've been waiting now for four weeks and every time I get an email notice or unknown phone call it makes my heart stop.

    As for the pay, the lady told me it would be $21.25/hr for the first month and then in February it would go up to $27.75/hr, then after you hit the year mark it shoots to $31.25/hr, and this was strictly for day shift. I think night gets another $6 or $6.50 in differential. I was pretty happy to hear all of that considering my friends in south FL are getting started out at $22ish.

    Which shift did you pick, day or night?
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    Welcome to the convo Jackie!

    I love/hate it when I get a phone call from an unknown number because I don't know if its a phone call for nursing or just something else, gah! I've been great at picking up my phone to random numbers these past several months since graduating, haha.

    I said days would be nice, but I really have no preference. What floors did you pick Jackie? And are you from AZ?
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    Thanks TashaCorinne! Just like yourself I also said days, but ultimately if it came down to it I would have no preference. And the 3 floors I chose were:

    1) med/surg focusing on hematology/oncology and bone marrow transplants
    2) med/surg focusing on neurosciences, ENT and plastic surgery
    3) med/surg/palliative care focusing on gynecological and general surgery, GI medicine and surgery

    As for living in AZ, yes I have been for almost 4 months now. I moved from FL back in July because my boyfriend got transferred here and I had finally finished up nursing school (whew!). Anyhow, this wait should be very interesting. Even if we were to get a phone call I wonder what unit and shift they'd assign us to, hmmmmmmm??? It's so exciting to think about actually getting that phone call, yet on the other hand it's also really scary to think about receiving that dreaded email. I want this job sooooooooo badly. What 3 units did you pick?
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    They're sending e-mails for rejections?! :\ I'd much rather get a phone call... now I'm nervous about receiving e-mails!

    I picked the cardiac floor and then the neuro/cardiac overflow floor (which is your #2 choice too). I didn't really get to pick a third one because I think I was distracted with a question, hah. But whatever, that's fine. Do you know if we find out our shift/floor if we get a call back?
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    Hi tashacorrine and jackie,
    well I got the phone call! very excited and hoping that you two do as well. They give all the info about unit / shift and follow it up with an email with all the attachments that detail the stuff that needs to be done.

    Feel free to PM me Goodluck!!
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    Congratulations KatsieRN!!!

    How exciting! I really hope that I receive a phone call soon. The anticipation is driving me crazy! When did you 1st hear from them about being accepted into the program? I wonder how long it will take them to extend all of the offers.... Anyhow, what unit and shift did you happen to get scheduled on?
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    OMG CONGRATS KATSIE! That is so incredibly awesome! And now you can deny your offer at the other hospital, haha. What floor/shift did you get?

    My stomach is all in knots now. Holy crap. GAH! These peanut butter M&Ms I just ate aren't feelin so great in my belly anymore, heh.
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    This is puuuuuuuuuuuure torture I feel like I'm walking on eggshells all day long and my nerves are getting the best of me. Hopefully we will get a good news phone call soon Tashacorinne
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    hang in there ladies! I'm sure it could take a while to get a call. I got day shift (woah!) on 3East which is the ortho/uro/rehab floor. I'm really excited since allnurses has tons of posts under ortho about new grads doing really well in it. Best wishes to you both!

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