Mayo Clinic New Grad Program AZ - page 3

Hi all. I applied for the Mayo Clinic New Grad program and was interviewed in late March. They said they would have a hiring decision end of April. Here it is end of April and I'm dying to hear... Read More

  1. by   winddancer0104
    I know they did that w/ the interviews, but the person I interviewed w/ explained that they were going to call either way.
  2. by   AshleyDiane6
    Oh. She told me emails would be sent out to those who didn't get the job. Did you get it?
  3. by   frodo-dog
    I would rather just get an E-Mail, too humiliating to have to talk to them.

    4 months out, hundreds of applications and nothing. That was my first and only shot at an interview, if I was still in school I would have done better. I was not expecting clinical questions. I kinda froze when she handed me that paper. . Hence too humiliating.
  4. by   winddancer0104
    I haven't heard anything yet. I'm hoping it's quick, but they will probably wait to get an acceptance from everyone b4 they contact the "no" group. I wish my interview was any other time. It was in the middle of a week of exams with my final just days away and I was just exhausted.
  5. by   AshleyDiane6
    She handed you a paper? She read me the clinical questions.
  6. by   winddancer0104
    She also handed me the paper w/ the questions on them (she also read them). Still no word I take it? Nothing here.
  7. by   AshleyDiane6
    I haven't heard anything either
  8. by   honeyortar
    my classmate just called HR and they said they're still evaluating candidates (whatever that means) and there will be more calls next week.
  9. by   winddancer0104
    Those could be the "no" calls. They have to make sure all of the "yes" candidates accept before they let all the "no" candidates go. So you figure if they give the people that got the position a few days to go over the paperwork and accept they should be letting everyone else know next week.
  10. by   winddancer0104
    Did you guys interview for the med/surg program or critical care?
  11. by   AshleyDiane6
    I interviewed for med/surg.
  12. by   frodo-dog
    To be honest, I have no idea... I apply for 5 jobs a day and have given up actually hearing anything back from any of them. Hence I dont keep track. 4 months out, hundreds of applications and only 1 response.
  13. by   ICUnurse2be123
    I got the call for the ICU position on Thursday and I have only 48 hours to accept. I accepted the position and was sent the drug test information!! For anyone else who accepted the position, what unit are you working on?! I am so excited to meet everyone!!

    For those of you who didn't get the position, Scottsdale Health Network (Osborn and Shea locations) have a new grad program opening up the 1st of May. Do not give up hope!!