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Hey everyone, I wanted to start a place for people to post and repost about waitlist times, placement runs, and their timestamps. It is very hard searching for all the information and maybe people... Read More

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    Quote from amcm220
    My time stamp is 4/15/2011 8:02:53, I called and was told that they, "effectively placed through 2/2011." They also said I had a slim chance for getting in Fall 2013, which didn't happen, and would be placed for Spring 2014.
    Oh wow! That's what I was hoping for. If not Spring, we would have to wait until Fall 14'? Or do they place for summer? It's been soooooo long since I started this journey that I forget

    What are your choices?
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    I think we would have to wait until Fall 2014. I chose PVCC, SCC, Estrella Mountain, Phoenix College, and Gateway.
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    Who else is excited for placement day?? Please post your time stamp & placement choice when you hear today! Good Luck everyone
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    So anxious today... Obsessively checking my email, haha.
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    Oh my gosh, me too! ( Although I don't think I have a chance with a 10/2011 timestamp ) A girl can hope right?

    What is your time stamp?
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    Checking my email constantly today! I have a timestamp of 8/2011. I'm being hopeful for Spring 14, but it looks more like I'll be waiting another semester... we will see!!
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    I'm in the 6/10/11 group, very hopeful for today. Good luck everyone!
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    Got places! Time stamp 8/11 8:01 scottsdale
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    After a 5 semester wait, I was just placed! I got my first choice, MCC hybrid/late start. My time stamp was 6/11.
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    I got placed finally!!! My time stamp is 8/2011 @ 8:01.33 I believe.
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    I got placed for EMCC
    Time stamp : 4/15/2011 8:01:03
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    Placed at SCC for Spring 2014. Anyone else? Timestamp 04/2011 8:01
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    Just found this. I'm so glad to see some 8/11 people got in. I didn't get placed yet (grrr), but am date/timestamped at 8/11 8:03:36. Hopefully some more 8/11 people comment their timestamp so I can get a feel for if I should be expectant of a Fall/14 placement or what. This wait is forever and I feel bad for anyone who has applied for the waitlist in the last year because I've heard the wait is about 4 years. I was told 2-2.5 when I applied and then the CEP program rolled out. I was working while taking the BIOs and got c's so Im sure my GPA wont get me into CEP without retaking those classes. Now to just keep on waiting I guess...