Is It Tuesday Yet?

  1. I am well aware that me getting that golden ticket(email) saying that I've been placed on Tuesday is a long shot, but can it come already? The fact that there are over 100 less spots this time and the fact that there seems to be fewer school options this go around makes it seem even more disheartening. Just wondering if it was just me.

    BTW, does anyone know if of the over 400 people that have not reafirmed yet, does that amount include the 200 from last time or is this a new amount of people? Just curious.

    Best of Luck to everyone out there who is waiting along with me for that email on Tuesday.

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  3. by   mamabear3755
    I know I am right there with you, going to try and keep myself busy so I don't go crazy waiting. Good Luck to everyone!!
  4. by   i'mdown4that
    Well, now the wait has just become longer...they have moved placement to next Tuesday March 1st. I guess they added 15 public spots at Phoenix College, so now that's a choice that applicants can opt for. It's good for those who really wanted PC as a choice, but it's still hard to have to wait one more week.
  5. by   Crystal74
    I cant beleive this, I have tried to keep myself out of the house and off the computer all morning to find out if I was in or not, and now its going to be another week:-( This is awful.
  6. by   Crystal74
    :-( Still not placed this semester. Congrats to everyone who got in this round and best of luck to all of us still waiting.
  7. by   mamabear3755
    Me too, so far not placed, what is your time stamp... mine is 10/16/09, 8:06am
  8. by   Crystal74
    Hey mamabear3755 my date and time stamp is 10/16/09 8:03 10 am. I called the office today and they said we may still have a chance if enough deferals come in, so we will see. They also said they got to some of the October time stamps, so you never know there may be hope for us yet:-) Good luck. What was your first choice?
  9. by   mamabear3755
    My first choice was GWCC part Time, then a few east valley traditional ones, I'm so hoping for a spot, otherwise, I'm thinking about doing the CNA program while I wait.
  10. by   SHAMBRALAM
    well my time stamp is 10/16/09 8:00:22, and I didnt get placed. if they pulled from oct. it must have been the person with one even earlier than mine!
    good luck to everyone with the october timestamp! i know how anxious ive been waiting to get in! I had a friend who was called 2 weeks before her program start date, so there is deff still a shot
  11. by   SHAMBRALAM
  12. by   Crystal74
    Your right SHAMBRALAM, you do have a real early stamp, so I'm not quite sure how far in October they got and they weren't offering up any additional info either. They did say they had to skip lots of people due to their choices(whatever that means). I have 5 choices picked and I think I have a wide range of them picked, but who really know's. Best of luck to you and let us know if you got in on the 15th.

  13. by   pkr2010
    I'm also waiting my date is 10/16/09 8:05 I have 2 selections both part time programs, I really hope enough people defer so I can start in the fall!!!
  14. by   Crystal74
    pkr2010 I have never prayed for deferals as much as I have for this coming semester as crazy as it sounds