Is it just me or is Bio 202 online a little easier?

  1. okay so half way thru Bio 202 at Rio and I have an A... by a thread, but still an A. I'm finding that since the whole program is essentially multiple choice, it seems easier than 201, especially on the labs. I'm wondering if this is gonna hurt me in the nursing program having done 202 online? Unfortunately it was my only option this semester. Any thoughts from anyone who took it online in the rn program now?
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  3. by   OCD_Mom
    I found it easier too. From my experience 201 you had to get an understanding of how to write essays and apply the knowledge you also got much of the basics & a few "sneak peeks" (since the systems work together.) I felt so much more confident in 202 (I believe I had a beeter instructor for 202 as well.) Hang on to that 'A'.
  4. by   Lizzyru
    Congrats on your A, NUR151!! I am sooo jealous! Maybe I should have gone through Rio instead of PC! I had flown through BIO156 & 201 with an A in both, so I thought I will just keep going and take 202 at PC. Maybe it's just me... but it's been quite the challenge trying to hold on to my A. Even thought it's tough, I feel like I am learning a lot and in the end, that's the most valuable part that we will take with us to NS. An A at Rio in BIO class is not an easy task. I am sure you'll do great in NS. Good luck!!
  5. by   redbkgiraffe
    Who did you take the online course from? I took bio 201 through rio and am now signed up for 202
  6. by   OCD_Mom
    I took 202 @ RIO YEARS ago. I just graduated from Nursing school last month. Good luck!
  7. by   redbkgiraffe
    Thanks! I've been on the waiting list since 4/10... I took 201 in August 09 and figured while I was waiting I should just take my last co-requisite. I have a BS in Bio so I already had most of them done... Good luck in your field!
  8. by   OCD_Mom
    I definitely would finish all co-reqs and I would also consider taking a terminology course (a 1 credit used to be required.)
  9. by   redbkgiraffe
    Quote from OCD_Mom
    I definitely would finish all co-reqs and I would also consider taking a terminology course (a 1 credit used to be required.)
    Do you know which terminology course I should take? Is it a bio course? I work in a OB office now so I am picking up a lot of medical terminology that way.
  10. by   OCD_Mom
    If you work in the field already and feel you have terminology down I wouldn't worry about it. Many of my classmates did not work in the field or were big science people and struggled in Blocks 2 and 3. I have a son with chronic illnesses so I was introduced the hard way but like I said years ago terminology was a pre-req so I had to take it anyways. Rio offers an 8 eight week 3 credit course HCC145 or they have 3 separate 1 credit courses and they also have HCC146 a 2 credit course as well. I got rid of my old text otherwise I would give it to you. You may be able to go to Barnes and Noble a pull a book off the shelf a skim through it. I thought it was a SUPER EASY course. If you need to boost your GPA that is always a good way to do it too.