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How to get ped's experience?

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    I'm on the waitlist for nursing school and am currently a CNA. I really want to get some ped's experience and was hoping for some suggestions (volunteering, entry level, etc). Just need some insight on how to get my foot in the door.
    Thanks so much!
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    We are always thankful for anyone that spends their time as a volunteer at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Here's the link to get started:

    You can request the area you want to work. I think it is extremely helpful to be in the area, see how the unit works, ask lots of questions of the staff (and generally be helpful). That's always a good way to learn. It may not be nursing experience per se but you will have a basic understanding of a lot of stuff after working there a while. For example, you will learn how to make the bed rails go up and down, how the bed locks, how to transfer a patient to and from a bed, what sounds mean what (i.e. alarms, etc.). These are all things that are very foreign to someone who has never worked in a hospital before.
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    Volunteering is always good for getting your foot in the door and establishing a relationship with a hospital. Vital before you get out of school. Treat every person you meet as a potential contact. It really is about who you know and it helps tremendously to get your foot in the door. I work in a PICU but also do part time for a peds home care company that does hire CNAs for work in various settings and facilities so that is an option too.
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    You can also consider opportunities at camps for children, day care facilities, after school programs, Big Brother - Big Sister programs, tutoring programs, recreation facilities, etc.

    Go to where the children are and ask what opportunities for volunteering (or employment) exist.
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    Try home care