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  1. by   bigbee13

    My wife and I both had interviews at JCL. Wife for a RN and myself for PCT. I agency that we were going through for this opportunity really dropped the ball and was terrible to work with. We also interviewed with a second company in vegas and vegas was not for us. We now are going to be coming back down to interview at Banner Baywood Medical Center and Chandler regional. This company we are working with is much better than the first and from what we did get to see we liked AZ. Any insight on either of those places would be appreciated.
  2. by   icare4icu
    hello bigbee13,

    I have worked in JCL through registry in both hospitals, North Mt ad Deer Valley. Tele sucks, chaos, team work sucks, patient load horrible. ICU, well pretty standard. 2 patients max. I suggest sign up for registry go to any hospital they send you, and decide for yourself. If you are concern as to health insurance and other benefits, no worry, my agency has insuranc e, blue cross blue shield. They will give gas card money and anyone you refer, you will get a percentage of what they make for as long as they work and as long as you are working witgh them. They also have prompt pay, work today, get paid tomorrow. Also, with registry, mine , treat you like you belong to a family. I have made good friends with other registry nurses and that's where I get my support and teamwork. I'd say try it. You won't be disappointed. You can apply today and get work tomorrow.
    Email me for support and tips.
  3. by   icare4icu
    Abrazo group, Baptist,Paradise Valley, Maryvale, PMH. It depends on the clientele, the area. For example. in Maryvale, you wouldn't want to stand outside while on break ( for those smokers), you might get sprayed by stray bullets. Baptist, Tele sucks, nurses overwhelmed with patient load, admit after admit. PCTs are burnt out. Admin, lots of bs rules and regs. PMH: I like the ICU, not tele, not medsurg. Postpartum and Nursery are ok. Paradise Valley, you can get snooty and airheads snooping around your back. Plus rich patients that expects you to be jumping at their calls.
    Banner facility, depends on where you go. Registry pay is low, and they have their own pool of nurses and staff. St Joe's, clicky atmosphere. You belong to a certain group, they help you otherwise, you drown.
    Go where you will get your worth with the amount of work they make you do. Good luck
  4. by   cookielady,rn
    wow. I'm sad to hear that about JCL and Paradise valley. Another psoter said they were treated like gold at JCL.
    I just left a Banner facility as the staff wasn't supportive in helping me adjust to ICU and the manager had unrealistic expectations of me after 10 weeks (i.e., identifying a rhythm she couldn't or being in chanrge of a crashing patient when I'd not had one go bad before). I need to pick up some per diem through agency. Where should I ask to be placed?
  5. by   icare4icu
    hi cookielady,rn
    check this agency out. They have benefits and goodies plus you are treated like a family. HEALTHPOINT MEDICAL STAFFING,2226 W. Northern Ave, Suite C205 Phoenix AZ 85021. (602) 242-1330. or email Jerry Rutter If you have trouble finding it or having car problems, let me know, we'll pick you up or even have lunch. They give gas money, and other stuff ( a bone here and there per se), plus if you are good you can negotiate. Now is the time to empower ourselves with what we are worth of. Now is the time to get the support we've been missing. If you are hired and I get to meet you in one of the ICUs, I'll let you a hand or two
  6. by   dorimar
    I would be leary of working registry without years of experience to be your resource, as you will have no other. Also I caution anyone who does not realize that Icare4icu has something to gain from your joining his/her regisrty. Anyone offering you a bone, and admitting just that, is someone you might want to think twice about.
  7. by   icare4icu
    Hello Dorimar,

    I was trying to help a fello RN and giving them some insights on Registry work in Phoenix. Just letting every Nurse know that they hav e a choice. Whether they sign up with the company I referred them to, is of their own choice. The info on all agencies are for the public. As far as rthe " bone", I was referring to added benefits to compete with other agencies. Heck, I care less for whether anyone comes forward to apply. And as far as getting something out of it. I don't get anything other than just being helpful. I guess, the world is full of people like you who thinks that there's no honest and decent folks.Yes, everyone should be leary, that's why you need to do some research .I make very good money with what I do and don't need to gain anything other than helping those who need help.
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  8. by   dorimar
    If you first concern was for your fellow RNs icare4icu, then i truly am sorry. However you did state in a post farther up, that for every nurse you refer, you get a percentage of their pay for as long as you both work there.
  9. by   icare4icu
    Hi Dorimar,

    I did state the referral bonus but not for me. For them who bring in their friends. It's like 2% of what they make. Ask any other agencies, how do they get more people in, same as in the hospitals., there's the referral bonus. Besides, these percentage does not affect the salary of the nurses they referred.It's like " thank you" for telling their friends about the agency. If the employee who referred somebody quits, then that person forfeits the 2% referral bonus.
    Apology accepted.
  10. by   Calzonan RN
    If you're a new nurse I'd be leary of registry work as well. I worked for an agency as a CNA and the first time I went out they put me on a floor where NONE of the CNA's showed up. So it was my first time working and I had 30 patients, most of who were CBR!! I later found out that that happens a lot. A hospital pays a lot to an agency and doesn't want to take on too many agency workers so they take the minimum, or less, or the agency can't fill the other slots. What it boils down to is the agency worker is overworked in a new hospital all while trying to find out where everything goes etc. It was rough.
  11. by   qaqueen
    i am a student working at a banner facility in the east valley. i have seen good and bad nurses but, coming from a manufacturing environment to this hospital has been an absolute joy. i have always believed that attitudes come from the top down and my facility seems to take that seriously. i suspect that they have made some big changes in the last few years.

    i must say that even though john c. lincoln is a magnet hospital, i was disgusted with the quality of care my father received there.

    i highly recommend checking out the banner facilities. :heartbeat
  12. by   boomerfriend
    I did my clinicals for NS (Block 1) at Carl T Hayden VAMC and it was a great experience. I was VERY pleasantly surprised. What the VA doesn't spend on beautifying the place, they make up for in technology and staff. There were so many staff that we were falling all over each other. No joke. My fellow students and I were approached multiple times asking us "when are you coming to join us?". There wasn't one person that didn't enjoy working there (at least that we came in contact with). The people there were helpful, almost anxious to tell us what they do and to show us things. It was exciting. Besides all that, the VETs were awesome! Most of the patients were men but we had a few women. Most were WWII vets and some were from Viet Nam era, a few from Desert Storm. It was a great experience and it will be really hard to say "no" to a job offer there.
  13. by   nsnapres
    i definitely did not enjoy the VA.

    the staff was terrible and seemed very incompetent (and rude to patients, eachother, us, etc). it was my first clinical in nursing school and by far the absolute worst up to this point. seriously, i still have nightmares about their lack of standard precautions, contact precautions or droplet precautions to this day. BLEHHHHH.