Hospital Reputations in Phoenix

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I am curious to hear from other nurses on what hospitals have great images and possibly what hospitals need to a reputation overhaul!


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shhhhhh don't tell everyone the secret!! :coollook:

mayo all the way! in the top 100 places to work in forbes and the second best hospital in the us (johns hopkins is the first).

Hi icare4icu!

I am wondering if you're still doing registry?

I recently quit my full time position to do registry & am currently working with a couple of registries, but have heard that I'm not getting adequate compensation compared to what else is out there & not seeming to be able to get enough hours (which also means no benefits).

I would love any wisdom you can impart to a newbie to registry!!

FYI, I have about 5 years med-surg experience & 1 year home health.


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Let me just jump in here, as you know, Registry work here in Phx has dried up, I know many nurses who are signed up with three and four of them and still have a hard time getting their 36 hours. Have you thought about working as a local traveler? I get plenty of e-mails from companies looking for qualified RN's in the Med/Surg and Tele world... IN regards to pay, this is a tough one, when hospitals use registry the one that charges the less to the hospital are the one who get called first, so yes you can make $43/hr but you wont be working very much, so be happy with the $32-35/hr that most are paying these days

Have you thought about working in the hospital pools, flexible hours, and good pay... Just a thought

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I signed on as a full time employee for the facility that I had been going to through my registry, but managed to get enough 40+ hr weeks in the 18 months prior that I was able to stick with just one registry. For the first 6 months or so it was patchy though. I didn't always get as many hours as I wanted, although I did make enough money to pay the basic bills.

I found that in AZ, even if you are working for a registry that is used frequently for your specialty, you have to work in each place enough that the people who call the registries know your name. There are dozens of registry nurses, so when you are not well known the best thing you can do is accept as many shifts as you can work at a variety of settings, and then if they need someone for a double shift, stay. Let the facility know that you are available for the next night if you are. You can't book your own hours, but continuity of care and convenience actually matter, and they will try to get the same person as much as they can. If you are at a large facility, and you let them know that you are looking for more shifts, they will usually oblige.

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