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    I have an interview with Honor Health coming up. The recruiter said that the interview questions are mostly behavioral in nature so I am trying to get an idea of the types of questions they may ask so I am better prepared. Are they questions like "tell me about a time that you had to make a difficult decision at work..." ?? Any insight is appreciated!

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  3. by   Chickhen
    How was the interview? Any questions trip you up?
  4. by   Kssable

    I have an phone interview with the Recruiter! Anyone know what they ask for the Recruiter questions?
    Also, any follow up to your interview?
  5. by   azgal81
    UPDATE: Hi there! So I did interview with HH, and though the interview went really well they ended up hiring internally for it I was pretty bummed but the unit manager called me the day after the interview to let me know and said that she would have hired me if she had another position open. So at least I felt good about that.

    The recruiter phone interview will just ask you basic questions like why you want to work for Honor Health, how you became a nurse, and they will also go over the new grad training. Then after the phone interview you have to take these online assessments through Prophecy and a couple of them you must pass with a certain percentage. You also take personality/behavioral assessments. Seeing you do okay on those the recruiter then contacts you to set up an in person interview. In person interviews can vary from what I hear depending on the hospital, unit, and person interviewing you. I was asked behavioral type questions, a scenario/clinical question, asked to talk about my clinical rotations, and a lot of "what would you do in this situation..." type questions. Again that can greatly vary depending on who is interviewing you!

    Hope this helps!