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Hi, everyone I was accepted into the Concurrent Program at GCC in the fall but starts this summer with the NAU class. I was wanting to know if there was anyone else on here who got accepted? :)... Read More

  1. by   dgva81
    Just coming back to update. I got an email on Saturday and it told me: Congrats you have been accepted into the program! I'm kind of shocked cause I haven't even been on the waiting list that long. My date/time stamp was Dec 2010. I just need to send my transcripts to NAU, which I did today so I can be enrolled into NUR330 for the Fall. They told me I will be taking that class at the extended campus on 1-17/Greenway. I also got a letter saying that I'm going to be doing the Nursing Program at Gateway Spring 2012. I needed the part time one because of work. I'm looking forward to meeting anyone else who is on this board who is taking the class NUR330 this fall! Still shocked cause I was thinking I had a 2yr or more wait, but the sooner the better lol
  2. by   kamsmom
    Congrats!!! We started today and took NUR 330 over the summer. It is going to be a great program!
  3. by   dgva81
    Sweet. How is NUR330? Lots of work? lol
  4. by   ASHR
    I also would like to know the average GPA just to see where I stand.
  5. by   dgva81
    Think the GPA needs to be above 3.0.
  6. by   ringthebell
    is anyone else still waiting on an answer for spring 2012 cep cohort? i applied at the july application session and i feel like i should have gotten an answer by now if the answer was yes! .....
  7. by   Sarah J
    Ringthebell- Which school did you put down for first choice?
  8. by   ringthebell
    Hi Sarah J, I put MCC, SCC, Gateway I believe.
  9. by   Sarah J
    Ringthebell- Well for MCC I got an email of acceptance and it was forwarded to 19 other people. So I think the selection for MCC is done. But I believe that people accepted to Glendale and Gateway found out like 5 days before MCC did so maybe you still have a chance for SCC? If you don't mind me asking what was your GPA?
  10. by   ringthebell
    well thank you for the info! i just want to know either way! i have a 3.7 but i'm figuring if i didn't get in it's because i have 2 nau co-reqs left which i'm taking right now. i took 7 credits over summer break so that i could apply for the spring cohort! what a bummer. what kind of gpa do you have? and are you totally done with prereqs?
  11. by   Sarah J
    Whoa 3.7 is awesome! I took 13 credits over summer just so I would be completely done when I applied. So yes I'm totally done with all classes and my GPA was a 3.56. I hope that you get in and if you don't then you probably have a great chance for Fall 2012 because a 3.7 is an amazing GPA.. I don't think many people have one that high. Good luck!!
  12. by   ringthebell
    thank you! and congratulations by the way, best of luck to you in school!!
  13. by   coolblue2
    Sara J,
    I got my letter too! I guess I am one of the 19 (funny, I immediately counted the recipients) on that email list you mentioned.
    I am so excited I can't stand myself!! I worked my tail off this summer to finish up all classes and maintain my GPA and it definitely paid off.
    Are you all signed up for NUR330??