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Hi, everyone I was accepted into the Concurrent Program at GCC in the fall but starts this summer with the NAU class. I was wanting to know if there was anyone else on here who got accepted? :) I hope everyone who wanted in... Read More

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    Hello, I'm on the waiting list also. I had a question about the NUR330 class. Who do you have to speak with to get enrolled into that class? I know you have to apply to NAU, but what department do I apply to? I don't know if I'm making any sense lol Basically, I want to take that class in the Fall and be in the program in the Spring. I will have all of my pre-reqs for NAU done this summer. I have tried to talk to the advisors at PC and they don't have much info since it is a new program. I emailed April at GCC and no reply yet. How do I go about this, thanks for any help!

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    Well you can't take the class till your accepted into the concurrent progaram, as far as I know. If you haven't gone to the info seccesion go they will tell you everything you need to know. I have a limit amount since we havnt started yet. I am still find things out as I go. Sorry I couldnt be of more help and good luck getting in.
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    Yeah, I went to an info session in February. I have the application all filled out. Just waiting to hear from somebody, anybody about transferring to NAU. I applied to NAU, but am not sure where to go from here. NAU does not have anything on their website about the concurrent program...just the RN to BSN and that program you have to already be in your blocks. I'm still on the waiting list. Hopefully I hear from someone at GCC cause I'm a bit lost. Thanks anyhow
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    Hello. May I ask what do you mean you are on the waiting list? Sorry but I'm confused by that comment. Thanks
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    I'm on the waiting list to get into the nursing program. The one where you get a date/time stamp.
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    Have you been to the info sessions or advisement sessions for the new program? they are listed on the maricopa status page
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    You can talk to some of the advisors at the NAU for extended campuses and they have to enter you in the class because the seats are reserved for students admitted into the program. I am taking NUR 330 this summer. Is anyone else?
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    Yeah, I finally got some answers. I'm attending one of the transfer days that is listed on the status page on maricopa's website. Please update us to let us know how that NUR330 class is. I might be taking it in the Fall. Thanks! Also thanks everyone else!
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    Kamsmom and Flutterby230,

    I am currently on the waitlist as well and am curious what the average GPA's are for the people who got accepted into the Fall concurrent cohort. Can I ask what your total GPA is for those specific classes that are asterisked to be accepted into the concurrent program?

    MaricopaNursing Pre-requisites and Co-Requisites & Additional NAU Pre-requisites:
    BIO 156/181 or one year of high school biology
    Principles of Human Nutrition (FON 241)*
    First Year Composition (ENG 101 and ENG 102)*
    Human Pathophysiology (HCR 240)*
    Chemistry (CHM 130, CHM 130LL) or HS chemistry
    Statistics (PSY 230 or MAT 206)*
    Critical Reading (CRE 101) or test exempt
    College Mathematics (MAT 142 or higher)*
    Intermediate Algebra (MAT 120 or higher)*
    Developmental Psychology (PSY 240)*
    Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101)*
    Aesthetic and Humanistic Inquiry (6 credits)**
    Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II (BIO 201; BIO 202)*
    Cultural Understanding (6 credits)**

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    I'm sorry I forgot one:

    Microbiology BIO 205*

    *Courses used for GPA calculation
    **Or meet MCCCD Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) certificate or a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited school.

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