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One of my friends told me that Gateways nursing program is having some issues. Here is the issue: Students are being failed by instructors who are actually passing the test. They will take a test... Read More

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    I am wondering too about having to take CRE 101. I already have a degree in another field, and for some reason, I thought the advisor told me that it was waived if you had a degree in another field.

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    Quote from lovingmytwins
    - I am still wondering if I have to take CRE101? you can test out. i took a test at Rio and didnt have to take the course.
    - How long is GateWay's nursing program waiting list? 18 months seemed to be the average wait time.
    - When aspiring to enter ASU's BSN program should I complete a AAS in Nursing at GateWay first? this is my plan too. from what ive read it all transfers over. ive heard that asu's program is more difficult than gateways, so it makes more sense to me.

    Any helpful suggestions/ comments that I need to know upon applying to their nursing program? if you're flexible with placements and are bilingual you MAY get in sooner. also, would suggest taking your CO reqs while you wait. you'll need any extra time to focus on the nursing classes.
    What was the test called that you had to take?
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    Quote from lovingmytwins
    twins -yay!!!

    my boys turned 1 the weekend before i started. it has been hard to find a balance with home life. if anything though they arent feeling the effects as much as my husband is! we basically dont see each other, and honestly, its been pretty tough on our relationship. i stay home with the boys, and as a mom of twins you know nothing gets done during the day! so i study after they go to sleep, so usually about 8-ish - 100am : ). its a bumpy ride, but its def do-able! ive had no family help (dont live out here), no day care, zero nursing/heath care exp. and am def not the best student - just takes some dedication!

    def. take the co reqs while you're waiting to get in. some of my classmates didnt and found it hard to do all the nursing work plus micro and whatever other classes needed.

    if you ever need any help, let me know - gotta stick together and help out twin mommies!!
    Wow it sounds like we have pretty similar situations! I am a stay at home mom as well and don't have any family help because they don't live out here. We just moved here in February and it can be so lonely at times! I also don't have any nursing/health experience. I actually have my BA in English. What's your email address? I have some questions about managing the program with twins for you =) Mine is Hope to talk to you soon!
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    The whole day, I have been thinking what is the main difference between AAS in Nursing and the Nursing Program; could anyone please shed some light about this issue I have?

    I am thinking of choosing the AAS in Nursing over the Nursing program because the Nursing program itself has a waiting list of at least a year! I can't wait that long because I am almost done with my pre-reqs of the BSN program of ASU at Rio Salado CC. In addition, while waiting to be accepted at ASUs BSN program, I have the opportunity to work as an RN because I have earned an AAS in Nursing degree.

    Someone please help me, I am really confused on which right track I am supposed to take.

    Thank you in advance!
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    to read about more of the Nursing Program
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    Hi, how are you ? I have one more question for you, you mentioned that Fridays were a problem for some nursing students because they work, I actually want Fridays, do they give you a choice of Friday or Saturday or are you assigned a specific day?
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    if you have 40 students in your class, groups of 10 go to a clinical site.
    block 1 had 1 friday group, 3 saturday groups, same with block 2. block 3 had all saturday groups (one of them had a few fridays). most people wanted saturdays. there was a lottery on who got the friday spot that couldnt be filled. if you want fridays, you should be fine.
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    I certainly HOPE that's not true of ANY college or university. I have never heard of anything like that anywhere - and I have a boatload of coursework under my belt from previous degrees. Every once in a while, there would be a mistake made, but professors were always consumate professionals and promptly corrected those types of oversights. I assume the same is true in this situation too. In any case, best of luck!
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    Ok, so this is my last free weekend before I start school, have a wonderful 4th of July weekend- Im going to sleep alot this weekend and just relax, oh and study NCLEX questions =)
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    Quote from Rosie911
    Ok, so this is my last free weekend before I start school, have a wonderful 4th of July weekend- Im going to sleep alot this weekend and just relax, oh and study NCLEX questions =)
    Does anyone have any tips for block 3? I'm having a very hard time with peds for some reason. I did really well in blocks 1 and 2 without studying, but I completely bombed my first peds test.

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