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Has anyone ever taken FON 241 at Rio Salado? Is it hard? Are the proctored tests hard? I am re-taking this class for a better grade. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks... Read More

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    I already started at Rio Salado. All of the other classes (at other schools) were full by the time that I signed up. Rio Salado was the only school that had openings. I HAVE to have the class done this semester. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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    Quote from CinDRnyc
    I am currently taking FON 241 through Chandler Gilbert and everything is online. !
    Is the final online as well? Is there a midterm?
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    The class is online, but the midterm and the final are proctored.
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    Quote from pre-ASUstudent
    I am extremely nervous too! I also need to ace an A in this course as a pre-requisite course of ASU's BSN program.
    pre-ASUstudent, I tried to respond to your pm asking about ASUs program but it says your inbox is full and you cannot accept any more pm's. Please respond if you see this so I can send you the PM or just answer you here or somewhere!
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    Hello Tarabara, sorry about that. I didn't know that there was a limit for the Inbox folder. You may now send me a PM. Thank you!

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