EVIT LPN program in Mesa, AZ

  1. I have found some really old threads about EVIT here, but would like to hear from anyone who has recent experiences with them. I am thinking about taking 2013 to get myself ready by taking some community college classes for the couple of prereqs they have and then applying to start in early 2014 after my husband finishes his MBA. I am already a CNA and my current employer hires LPNs and will help me pay for school, so I am not really worried about being able to find a job after school.

    I have heard there is some prejudice against this program. A nurse I work with and whose son did his LPN at EVIT told me that the Maricopa Community Colleges will not allow LPNs trained at EVIT to enter their RN program in the third block like they will for other LPNs. Honestly, what the heck, everyone has to pass the same NCLEX-PN, right?! It's approved by the BON isn't it?! Anyway, apparently private schools here will, just not the community colleges.

    That's way down the road, though, as I plan to work for a year or two as an LPN before even considering more school. It could be longer than that, too, because my oldest child will start college right after I graduate if I get into the program in 2014.

    The reasons I am considering this particular program are because of its schedule, which will allow me to attend classes while my kids are in school and still work as a CNA two night shifts a week, and because it's relatively quick, at 13 months in length. It might not be the cheapest way to go, but those two other attributes override that, as does the tuition assistance I can get from my employer.

    So, any recent or current attendees wish to comment?

    Also, alternatively, does anyone know if Chandler-Gilbert Community College offers any of its nursing programs at the Williams-Gateway Campus? I have scoured their website and been unable to determine that. They also have an LPN program. Gateway and Maricopa Skills Center have both ended theirs. :-(
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  3. by   malibubarby
    Hi I am currently in the program on evit that started on 01/07/13 and ends on 01/15/13. I love the program so far as the teacher shows hands on learning by having you workout problems on the board and repeatedly do math problems that it is stamped into your mind you can not forget ha. Also the medical abbrevations list is good to know for the first 2 weeks of class as their is a test at the end of the 2 weeks. You can start studying on how to convert grams to milligrams and kilos. All that fancy stuff will come into play in the program. The next Cohort is August I believe and deadline to apply is April or May? You have time now to study and get to know some of the stuff. That is not true about not being able to transfer to MCC schools. Two of my friends transferred to Gateway. You will learn, people will try to discourage you when you are trying to improve yourself. The teacher will tell you that Day 1. As long as you believe in yourself, dont believe anyone else. Ask the schools yourself to get the facts.
  4. by   duskyjewel
    Thanks so much for your input! Do you know if they plan to start another cohort next January? My husband will be done with his MBA by then. PS, love your username....I actually owned one of those in my childhood many years ago. If I do the program next year, I will graduate just shy of 40! :-)
  5. by   malibubarby
    The next Cohort is August and then January in 2014. Congratulations on wanting to start the program and take the first step! You should apply to take the ATI testing, it is a entrance exam. The first time I took it, I got a 56 and you need a 60. The second time I got a 62. After that I will be 27 years old tomorrow, yeah me!!! There is a diverse age group in my class from 18 year olds to 48 year olds. I love it! Congrats on your husbands Master's!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   asjperry
    I was reading your post about the EVIT program. I am applying for the August cohort (I'm turning my application in friday). Can you tell me more about the program? I also, want to know about the interview?
  7. by   OrealyYouThink
    malibubarby - thank you for your detailed description of the syllabus and what to expect.
    First time I have read a post that really hit the points of the posters question.

    You will be an outstanding nurse with that kind of attention to detail.
    Thanks again,
  8. by   azmike
    Hi Malibubarby,
    I applied to EVIT's LPN program starting Aug 2013. Since you have completed close to half of the program, I'm wondering what insight you might have to share about the program so far. Any tips for success?
    Many thanks!
  9. by   malibubarby
    Sorry took me so long to reply. Been studying and being a busy bee ha. Tomorrow is our last day before summer break for a month off. I am currently in the middle of block 2. There are 3 blocks total. Block 2 is the really hard block, because pharmacology and N-Clex style questions come into play. I have been holding my head above water this round, but it has definitely been hard with 2 jobs to pay for school and go to school as well. I am happy to say that tomorrow is my last day at one of my jobs, and I will be able to focus more on school. The other class told me, if you can pass block 2, you can pass block 3. The interview is very simple. You will meet with the teachers and maybe the program director, since my teacher has now been promoted to program director. They are really nice and just want to hear your goals in life and if you are really serious about the program. As long as you put in the work and read the chapters, and I mean READ THE CHAPTERS, you will do fine. So many people don't read the chapters in my class and I am guilty of that sometimes, and we wonder why we get a lower grade on that test. It took me 2 tests to learn that lesson ha. All the test question's will come straight from the book. You could start making notecards as soon as you get your syllabus because some weeks you have 4-5 chapters due. Block 2 second week was crazy, we had over 174 pages to read, but we survived. If you really want something, you will always find a way. Any other questions, please feel free to reply and I will try to answer quicker next time.
  10. by   malibubarby
    Thank you, I really hope so!
  11. by   malibubarby
    Notecards and study groups are the key to success. Your study buddy may understand something you do not. My weak subject is anatomy, but I am great at math and critical thinking. My friend is great at anatomy, we helped each other out and it worked. If you schedule time for studying, you will be great. The hard part is trying to focus. I have to get out my house, as it is my comfort zone and I will tend to watch tv all day, "Lifetime," gets me every time ha! Also, please remember that the school only accepts Pell Grants and doesn't offer the Stafford loans. If you qualify for the $2775.00 Pell Grant for the semester, which is calculated in hours, around 400 hours, it will pay for half the program. You can get $2775.00 twice a year. You will be responsible for $5,450.00 and you can apply for a Wells Fargo Loan or pay with a payment plan with no interest added. My payment is $685.00 a month. It will be going down, since I just applied a lump sum to my account to help pay it down. If I was you, I would try to save the most I could before it starts, to make it so you don't have to work as much. I went PRN at my second job and payed some bills ahead so I do not have to worry until January. The minor bills I can pay with my PRN job. Any other questions, please feel free to ask. I also added some more information to a previous post, I just replied to before I seen yours. Thank you.
  12. by   giljrsgirl
    I am currently in this program and scheduled to graduate on September 13th! Yay! malibubarby has pretty much summed it up as far as I can see. I did speak with the nursing department at Chandler-Gilbert CC before I started this program and they will accept graduates of this program into block 3 (waiting list may apply) as long as you have passed the NCLEX and have the LPN license, and have all of the required pre requisites. She also told me that I would have to provide copies of all of the course descriptions and syllabi for all of the classes at EVIT since this is not a Maricopa CC. I also work full time nights while I am going through the program. It hasn't been easy but I am almost there! Good luck!!
  13. by   Dreamhawk
    Aren't you afraid of the job outlook after LPN school? I'm kicking this around myself, and I'm looking for some kind of hope that there's a position for new grad LPNs in LTC at least, anywhere! What are your plans? Any insight is much appreciated!
  14. by   malibubarby
    The job outlook is great right now. Lpns are always hiring in the correctional facilities and LTC. I already work at 2 LTC centers so I can just apply and transition in. I have spoke with them about it and they wrote down my end date like they have done for everybody else, so when a new job is available they can promote from within. I am also going to continue to RN school after I graduate. There are classes that go from 8 months to 12 extra months to be an RN. The community college is the cheapest route but they consider their students who failed a semester prior to you, which I believe is the right way to do it. Just turn in applications and self when you turn in your application.