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has anyone ever went to or no anything about this school out of Phoenix Az?????:bugeyes: Please help me out if you know anything at all Thank you... Read More

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    I will not agrue with you because I am not a child. I like you have a MBA and was a public accountant for well over 20 years. So your background means nothing to me, I read a post that asked a comment and I gave my comments as such. I have never at any time made any personal attacks against you and I will not allow you to make any against me. Futher more, like I stated when you PM and believe me this will be for the last time, everyone is entitled to there own opinion, you cant change my opinion nor can I change your's, so to PM me everyday is what forced me to place my comments responding to you in the open. Like I stated before, there is no reason for you to send me PM messages, based on my comments, and I would not like to take this any futher than necessary.

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    im considering going to everest college in phoenix, however like anyone else im skeptical of spending that kind of money and people laughing at my resume. so I personally called the education department at a banner hospital and asked them their openion and he told me that it doesnt matter. you decide what kind of nurse your gonna be. he said he's seen graduates come out of asu who cant pull their head out of their butt. as long as they are nationally accredited thats all that matters. so i do plan on going there. As far as credit transfer i will look into that.
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    Hi Andimp00, I'm new to this site so I can't PM yet. But out of curiosity, have you graduated and are you working now and how long did it take for you and your classmates to find a job? What hospitals hire everest grads? Do you know if any of your classmates transferred from Everest to get their BSN or MSN? Please reply when you can and congrats on nursing. =)
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    Quote from 1stloveistobeanurse
    I would be very careful with Everest and schools such as this. Did you contact any other public university and asked them do they take Everest credits? You might want to do this, I myself was in a Nursing program with another for profit school and I had to withdrawl and pay money why for this same reason I thought I did a great job with investigating the school and the program and come to find out it was the worse mistake I ever made. Also the cost is so high with these schools because of a rule called 10/90. What this means is the school is allowed to recieve title IV funding based on the fact that each student will be responsible for 10% of the cost of the tution, where the school will receive the other 90% of your financial aid. What they do is the raise the cost of the tution, based on the time span of the program to over well over 110% so you will end up paying at least 10% out of pocket while the schools takes all your aid. Also, the general education courses you take at these schools are normally not transferrable, so basically you are paying this type of money for a RN certificate and two year degree that you can't transfer out. Sure you maybe able to go back to the school for a 4 year degree but the same rules apply and you still have a useless piece of paper in the long run.
    Thank you for that nugget of information. It really makes my blood boil sometimes, what these tech schools do and get away with doing.
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    Quote from xcited 2b-n-rn
    everest is accredited by the higher learning commission, and by the az state board of private postsecondary education. because their nursing program is relatively new, they are provisionally approved by the az state board of nursing. they are also in the process of receiving their regional accreditation, which i think is better than national accreditation because you can continue your higher degrees (bsn, msn, yata, yata) at a public university.
    the bolded statement is absolutely not true ... national ccne and/or nlnac are the gold standard for nursing school accreditation, and one cannot even apply for a reputable msn program without having graduated from a bsn program that is accredited by at least one of these. regional accreditation is clearly a prereq if you will for the national one. everest you say is provisionally accredited by the az bon, which technically means they are not even in the pipeline for national accreditation yet. i personally would not touch everest for more reasons than i even went into here, but to each his own.
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    I am currently a student at Everest College, I am the first block of students to be graduating in Jan 10' which is very soon! I can personally say that Everest is a great school. Sure we have had to deal with a lot of changes, but that is to be expected as the first class going through. However, it has prepared us to be great nurses. I work at a local hospital and talk with the nurses on things that I am learning and they are shocked at the things and level we are learning. They have taught us material that other university's and community colleges wouldn't have bothered to teach us. The nurses on our clinical rotation are also surprised as how much we know, and how many skills we are able to perform. The curriculum is harder than most schools, and the HESI testing requirements at the end of each course are different than most schools.

    The staff is amazing, talk about one-on-one attention. I have most of my teachers home phone numbers or cell phones and they are glad to have us call about anything. We have very experienced staff teaching us as well, one is a nationally recognized doctor who teaches micro, anatomy, path, and pharm. He also gives us mock lab situations and has taught us the basics in ACLS. Our director also sits on the nursing board and attends every education advisory committee, so the education board in a way is holding her to a higher standard. She also takes the time to meet with each of the "blocks" and wants to hear what they have to say about the program, how she can help, etc. That is something that I guarantee you wont see at most schools.

    Yes the school is expensive, but doing cost analysis and being on the waiting list for 3 yrs, it worked out better this way. The waiting list for the CC's is 3 years, and getting longer. Each month over 100 students are added to that list. ASU had raised their tuition cost, and continues to do so. Our school is not much more expensive than ASU, and is right there with university of phoenix. I was able to transfer a lot of my credits from ASU for courses like anatomy, micro, english, lit, etc and didn't have to take those classes so my schooling was a little cheaper.

    I have checked out transferring to ASU when I am done and will begin in August in their RN to BSN program. ASU is concerned if the school it self EVEREST not the college of nursing is accredited by the high learning commission, which it is. My RN degree will transfer, and since my prereqs were taken at ASU they will transfer as well. University of phoenix will also take our credits, they are more concerned if you have your RN and if the school is accredited by the higher learning commission. Ive also applied for some new grad positions, and they're requirements are that I have my RN (obviously) and if the school is accredited by the higher learning commission.

    Yes there are schools out there (private schools) who are not good schools. There is a new school that is trying to get permission from the board to start two campuses one in tucson and one in phoenix that clearly just wants money from students. They do not have clinical space for their new students but still want to start the program in january and the way that their curriculum is ridiculous. So if you are checking out private schools do your research. Everest is a great school, I speak from experience, Grand canyon university is another great school. Please feel free to ask questions, ligit questions. We will see how great our school is when NCLEX scores comes out. That is another way to know if the school has a good curriculum, look at their NCLEX scores or for us look at our HESI scores.
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    Quote from Nursinginquirer
    Hi Andimp00, I'm new to this site so I can't PM yet. But out of curiosity, have you graduated and are you working now and how long did it take for you and your classmates to find a job? What hospitals hire everest grads? Do you know if any of your classmates transferred from Everest to get their BSN or MSN? Please reply when you can and congrats on nursing. =)
    Hi Nursinginquirer, none of us have graduated, we will be graduating in jan. Any hospital will hire Everest new grads, they just want to make sure that you are an RN and that you have good qualifications. We have had many of our clinical sites ask us to come back and apply for positions when we graduate. However for anyone who is applying currently is well aware that most hospitals are not hiring new grads period, no matter what school you went to. The recession has hurt the job market for nurses here in Arizona. I'm lucky to currently be working at a hospital that offered me a job when I graduate, however there are students that have never worked in the health care field that aren't as fortunate as I am. Also, I will be attending ASU RN-BSN program in Aug they had no problem with taking my credits.
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    I personally think that before starting a nursing program, any nursing program, you should find out what potential employers think and what type of reputation that program has. There is a community college nursing program in my area that is easier to get into than others, but they don't have a good reputation for turning out good nurses. Most graduates from that program complain that the only places that will even consider them are LTC. Where I live, Everest does not have a good reputation, and most of the people I know that go/went there are people who found community college to be too hard. I realize in other places Everest might have a great reputation, I'm just sharing how it is looked upon where I live. Think about what your long term educational goals are, and make sure you really do your homework before choosing a program. Seek out graduates of the programs you are interested in and ask them their honest opinions. Be sure to also consider what you are committing yourself to financially. I'm married and have children, so I feel it is unwise for me to take on a lot of student loans to pay for my education. (I'm going to do an ADN first, and then a RN-BSN program. By doing this I can afford to pay for my education in cash) Every program has good points and bad, just make sure the bad won't affect your entire future.
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    hi am just curious if u have graduated yet.... and if so how is the job outlook? is it harder for everest grads to finda job?? oh and how does everest choose their students? test scores, first come first serve, how does the selection process work?
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    Yes I too would like to know what happen with those of you that graduate from everest in January 2010

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