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  1. Hello everyone

    I have been reading through many of the AZ threads and have not been able to get much info on the Dignity Health System.I looked up their website and they are my favorite for all of the health care systems so far because I want to eventually become a CNM. I currently am a nursing student in Pittsburgh but plan to move to the Phoenix area right after graduation. I am sure the new hire/grad process will take me months before I actually secure a job but if anyone could give me more on the company that would insanely helpful

    ex: avg new grad salary, working conditions, benefits, hiring process, how to get in contact with a recruiter
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  3. by   aheiliger
    Hi! I graduated in December 2017, Nebraska and still have issues getting a position anywhere in Phoenix area. I am currently waiting for some answers back, but I would keep your eyes open for any New Grad position not just Dignity Health. It's very hard for New Grads here especially outside of the state. I also just got my ACLS, so I would recommend getting that. Dignity Health likes to see BLS as well as ACLS. Best of luck!