Confused about NCLEX process.

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    I will be graduating school as an RN in May, and moving to Arizona in the middle of June. I already have a job lined up at one of the local hospitals as an ICU nurse, but I need to pass my NCLEX exams before starting. Obviously I want to take my NCLEX exams in Arizona, but I am confused as to what the process is.

    What do I need to do first once I move here? Do I need to establish residency in the state before taking the exams. If so what are the requirements to establish residency?

    Are there certain dates and locations that the NCLEX exams are administered at? Is there a website that lists locations and dates?

    What is the fee for taking NCLEX exams?

    Is there anything else I need to do to take the NCLEX exams? Do I need any paperwork, credentials, information from my school in order to take the exams?

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    You will need to get your fingerprints cleared and all that before you can take the NCLEX, so I would call the Arizona State Board of Nursing to find out where to start. The website is
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    Actually, you do not have to have your fingerprints cleared in order to take the test. I am scheduled to take my test next week and my fingerprints have not cleared (had to redo them). Unfortunately, you will not get your license until your prints have cleared.
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    congrats on getting a job!!! Can I ask how you did it in these times?
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    i find the topic very interesting as i too would be applying for AZ NCLEX. I already printed out the requirements and unfortunately am still having a hard time understanding what to do first. there's this pass the educational requirements, IELTS etc but seems like you could pass first the educational requirements then other requirements will follow. am relly not so sure. am freezed up. btw, am from philippines. please help. thanks!
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    May I direct you to the International Nursing forum?
    It will have many threads with timely and helpful information about this process.
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    no problem at all... i think it would be better

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