College Math vs. College Algebra

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    So glad I found this website. This is my 1st post. I'm enrolled in Rio Salado this Spring and soon will be taking my math pre-requisite. Accuplacer testing placed me into college level math, which is beyond the minimum required 'intermediate algebra'. My advisor recommended College Math 140-142 instead of MAT 150-152 (College Algebra).
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    [FONT=Century Schoolbook]My long-term academic goals are to continue my education after I receive my ASN and eventually earn a BS in Nursing. As I understand, most bachelors degree programs require completion of 'College Algebra'.
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    [FONT=Century Schoolbook]Would College Math satisfy the 'College Algebra' requirement of most bachelors programs? Do they overlap? Does one build upon the other or are they completely different animals? I would like to get my B.S. math requirements taken care of while at the community college level if possible.
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    [FONT=Century Schoolbook]Anyone who has taken MAT 140-142 and/or MAT150-152 thru MCCC is welcome to comment.
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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    Double check with the advisor that even though you placed beyond the required pre-req for the ADN program that you don't still have to take the MAT121/122 to get in, as for the BSN part I have no idea.
  4. by   MTTMPE
    I had this same problem. I went straight to College Algebra got an A . But, ASU requires you to have College Math. So i had to back track to College Math. Which is a lower math. Apparently, you need College Math to go into ASU. I'm assuming this is why she advised you to take this course. Funny right? Math 140-142 will allow you to get a BSN but anything higher MAT 150-152 (College Algebra) will not. They stop taking College Algebra about two years ago. Would College Math satisfy the ‘College Algebra’ requirement of most bachelors programs. The answer is no, I have a degree in Supply Chain, required College Algebra.
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  5. by   Nurse2b7337
    At my school only College Algebra is available.
  6. by   blueindigo
    I just took MAT 142 online at Rio because it's required for ASU. I would say it would probably be easier than Mat 151 that my husband is taking right now.
  7. by   TRINI82
    For my BSN program, they require College Math or Algebra, but then and Intermediate College Math or bet is to look at the curriculum of the school that you're interested in to see their requirements.
  8. by   caliotter3
    I would verify this with your advisor. You can also check with the advisor at the college that you might consider transferring to.