CHM 130 Midterm at RSCC

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am taking CHM 130 at Rio Salado, and I am officially preparing for the midterm examination (might take it next week).
    I think I am about to have a nervous breakdown because I am frustrated, scared and I don't know what to do!

    I hope there are past CHM 130 students who will be able to help me to ace this midterm. I currently have an A in the class and I want it to keep it that way.
    First of all, I don't know if I am supposed to memorize stuff like: key terms, units of measurement, formulas (temperature, specific heat and etc.), metric equality/unit conversion (dimensional analysis).. I am really freaking out right now, I know this might sound crazy but am I supposed to memorize what is on the periodic table? What am I supposed to memorize?

    Second, are the AYL essays really included on the midterm?

    Third, are there many questions about problem solving and are there difficult than the problems that are on the book and lesson?

    Please, please help me with this. I will really appreciate your help. You can add any suggestions/comments that I need to know to be successful on acing the midterm.

    Thank you very much!
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  3. by   mom2a1c2
    I have done Bio 202 and currently have 3 weeks left for Bio 205, both through Rio. My experience has been that yes, you have to know all the AYL questions, plus the essays. You want to be able to answer both the essays that you turned in, plus the ones you didn't. And don't forget the personal application, if you are required to add one. Also, I found that there are questions that came from the labs, so know those, too.

    Good luck!
  4. by   nanette83
    What does AYL stand for?
  5. by   pre-ASUstudent
    @nanette83: Assessing Your Learning.
  6. by   nanette83
    oh thank you! I know I might have sounded like an idiot but I just started this class on Monday and I couldn't figure it out. Do you have any advice for the AYL essays?
  7. by   pre-ASUstudent
    @ nanette83: You're welcome, and it's okay I have been in that stage also! My advice is that you follow the instructions that your instructor gave you because sometimes instructors want answers for the essays to be in detail; and you are not allowed to use Wikipedia as a source. I am sure you will be fine with the essays! (:
  8. by   dplee089
    I am signed up to take CHM 130 and CHM 130LL with Rio in Jan '13. Instructor is S.B. If anyone has any tips on how to succeed, please let me know.

    Also, is the online access essential for the course? The reason I am asking is that the new book is more than twice what the used ones are going for. The PSY101 class I took this past semester required online access for the quizzes and exams - so I had to purchase a new textbook from PVCC to get the access. If online access isn't absolutely necessary, I would rather save the money.
    There are enough online resources for 'Into to Chem' that I should be able to do just fine...unless it is mandatory.

    Also, has anyone tried using a 'used' lab kit? Does it matter or are all of the materials used up and worn out at the end of the course?

  9. by   Hobberdog
    I took CHM 130 at Rio in 2010. If you have an A now, you are on the right track. You will need to know your formulas and conversions for the test. The questions on the midterm are similar to what you have with the lessons. When I took the class, the teacher gave us 5 essays but only required us to answer 1 of them for the required homework. The questions on the midterm were taken directly from those assigned to us. If you took the time to answer them previous to the test, you will do just fine.

    I hope this helps. It has been a while since I took the class so I am doing my best to remember.