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Hello!! I just joined this site today because I was recently accepted into Chamberlain College of Nursing, I am scheduled to begin classes on March 1st and I was wondering if anyone else is going to Chamberlain and also if anyone... Read More

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    well i scored a 91.71 on the english and an 82 on math which made my composite score an 86.85. My cumulative GPA is a 3.848 so I'm hoping I will hear some good news soon! Hope to see you in Feb! The waiting is killing me :/
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    Seriously, I wouldnt worry to much, I am sure you will get in with those scores.
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    Quote from N.Betty
    Its a Feb 28th start date Yes Phoenix location... I am so excited because I heard its an awesome school......

    I dont know about the TEAS as I have never taken it..... I did well on the HESI... study the HESI guide inside and out. If they see that you have any A&P, Chem, BIO on previous transcripts then you need to do really well in the HESI portions in those arenas, if you have never taken the classes before they will give you a little break if you dont pass at their required 75% ....

    good luck hope to see you there
    Hi N.Betty,

    Thank you for clarifying the date for me...the sooner the better . I have gone over the hesi studyguide and will be taking the exam on Tuesday! Thank you so much for all your help, hope to see you soon!
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    oh good luck...... ! how exciting go get that HESI out of the way tomorrow.... its not long to go and we will all be starting
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    LOoking forward to meeting everyone in Feb!!
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    Hey I was wondering for those who are in the program how much does this whole program cost from start to completion?
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    Well, it depends. Check out this link. I hope it will answer your questions.
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    Just wondering if anyone in the program there has an idea of where they do clinicals. I checked on the website and it seems pretty hazy on that. Do they use Phoenix valley hospitals or do they go with clinics and hospice type settings.
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    Hi everyone I too will be starting this upcoming semester. I was just looking at the website and was a bit concerned. I was told that chamberlain college was accredited which is true. But according to the website it states that the BSN program in "Arizona and Addison are candidates for accreditation by NLNAC". So please correct me if i am wrong, does that mean the BSN program in Arizona is not accredited yet? I'm worried that I will be spending all this money to go to a school that might not even be accredited. Does anyone know when they will have their visit and become an accredited institution? Once we do compete the BSN program and the school is still seeking for accreditation or is still not accredited will we be able to sit and take the NCLEX?

    I just did some research on the Arizona State Board of Nursing approved programs and it was on the list. The list stated that it is approved by the CCNE and NLNAC. What does it mean if is has an provisional approval of 11/2007? Should i still be worried?
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    i have no idea. i would be interested in hearing what you find out.
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