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Hello!! I just joined this site today because I was recently accepted into Chamberlain College of Nursing, I am scheduled to begin classes on March 1st and I was wondering if anyone else is going to Chamberlain and also if anyone... Read More

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    Thank you

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am too interested in this school. Just out of curiosity do you have to give presentations in front of the class?? Anyone who knows I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks!! :spin:
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    KK4You.... what happened to the other school you applied to?
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    Hello! Sorry for the late repy, but I have been pretty tied up with end-of-semester stuff and finals. I just finished Fundamentals and Health Assessment. I am still happy with CCN. I find the faculty and staff to be very fair and focused on student success. It is an accellerated program and moves at a fast pace. I do not recommend missing any classes, as not much info is repeated. For the most part, the students function cohesively as a team and work together without a lot of rivalry. Generally, we all help each other out. For the poster who asked, yes there are presentations. While I am anxious to graduate, pass boards and find a job, I am still very satisfied with my choice to attend CCN Jax. If you have any specific quetions, please ask... I'll answer as honestly as I can, based on my own experience.
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    Can you please tell me if this school is accredited and if credits earned here are transferable to other universities like GMU/ODU.
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    I am so excited to be starting Feb woohoo!
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    Quote from N.Betty
    I am so excited to be starting Feb woohoo!

    Hi N.Betty,

    Are you going to Chamberlain in Phoenix? I applied there for March start date aswell!! Can you tell me what the application process was like? I am just waiting to take the HESI exam and then they said I will find out shortley after that if I have been accepted . How was the HESI exam in your opinion, is it similar to the TEAS? Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much, and Congrats on being accepted, I have heard great things about this school!!
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    Its a Feb 28th start date Yes Phoenix location... I am so excited because I heard its an awesome school......

    I dont know about the TEAS as I have never taken it..... I did well on the HESI... study the HESI guide inside and out. If they see that you have any A&P, Chem, BIO on previous transcripts then you need to do really well in the HESI portions in those arenas, if you have never taken the classes before they will give you a little break if you dont pass at their required 75% ....

    good luck hope to see you there
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    I have reapplied for Feb start (applied into July program but had to decline die to family issues). Now I've been told my application was put on hold :/ anyone know what that means? Just out of curiosity are u willing to share your GPA and/or HESI scores N. Betty? Hopefully everything will come through and I'll b starting with you in feb
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    my HESI score was 94% and GPA about 3.5 when I applied.... GPA is slightly lower now as I have taken a few tough classes at CC to bypass the first few semesters at Chamberlain.

    I think "on hold' means that they are probably waiting for a larger pool to review at their next admissions review date. I think thats what it means.

    Good luck, see you there in Feb

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