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Block III - what will be covered in MCC schools

  1. 0 Getting ready to start Block III in MCC schools. I know that it will be med/surg, peds and OB but can anyone tell me which pathos will be covered. I want to try to study over the summer because Block II was pretty tough for me. I figured if I new which organs and/or diseases were going to be covered then I could study up on them ahead of time. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    can you clarify MCC, as in location? i'm sure several states have community college programs that begin with a "m".
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    Maricopa Community Colleges in Arizona. I am attending Chandler-Gilbert
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    Moving this to the Arizona Programs Discussion to elicit more responses.
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    this may vary by school and instructor, but here was my experience with block 3 at glendale.
    ob and peds are pretty much all of ob and peds. ob focused on problems in labor and delivery. peds focused on alterations in nursing care due to age, childhood communicable diseases, genetic disorders, abuse/neglect/etc.
    med surg was:
    GI: peritonitis, perforation, GI bleed, cirrhosis, liver failure, pancreatitis, hepatitis
    ENDO: all diabetic emergencies(DKA, HHNS, etc), SIADH, DI, cushings, addisons, pheochromocytoma
    URINARY: advanced F&E imbalances, chronic renal failure, peritoneal and hemo dialysis

    we have a mentoring program that matches us up with students in the block above us. it's great for things like this, because they always pass on their syllabus so we know what to expect.
    good luck!
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    Hi I just finished block three and I believe so far it was the easiest of all the blocks yet. We studied labor and delivery of course with particular attention to PIH and post partum hemorrhage. We also dicussed epidural ansthesia, signs of labor and breastfeeding. As far as Ped's we studied the Erickson stages, as well as safety and respiratory issues.
    Then we got into the med/surg portion which was GI, CKD, liver, perforation and nursing role, and also what to do during a hyperglycemic emergency.
    Like I said I found it to be less stressful but they sure give a lot of busy work. Good Luck
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    Thanks to everyone who replied to my request. I am going to check with Chandler-Gilbert to find out if we have a mentoring program.

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