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I'm thinking about taking BIO 202 and BIO 205 next semester. Am I crazy? Those will probably be the only 2 classes I'll take. I might take Micro online through Rio Salado and A&P 2 at MCC....or both... Read More

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    Quote from abvincent1
    I would recommend you NOT take micro-online. If you look at many nursing schools, many won't accept online bio classes. Would be a waste to take it online and then have to retake it in the classroom.
    Rio Salado is part of the Maricopa Community College network, so all other community colleges in Phoenix (as well as Yavapai) do accept their online microbiology class. At least, they did 6 years ago.
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    Klone, you are right about accepting Rio online courses.

    I was inferring if you are looking to attend class outside Maricopa Community Colleges and/or the local colleges such as Univ of Phoenix, they are more than likely not going to accept online bio courses.

    As I was researching what schools I would apply to (as an accelerated student), I found many had it clearly stated they would not accept any online biology or chemistry courses. So I was just stating if you are looking to attend a different program outside MCC, just make sure it accepts the online bio classes before you enroll. If they do, then that is great for you and the best of luck at 202 and 205 to the original poster!!
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    Quote from smilinjen
    Well, I did take BIO 202 and BIO 205 together last spring. When my teachers found out they looked at me like I was crazy when I told them and said "Good luck, you're going to need it" with a doubful look on their faces. I showed them.... I got an A in BIO202 AND I got an A in BIO205. So it is possible! Make sure you pick good teachers. Mine were awesome.

    So if anyone else is considering taking Bio202 with Bio205, and you typically do well in classes, and you can stay organized and turn things in on time, I think you'll be just fine. Go for it!!
    Can you PM me with the name of your professor for 202? I did well in 201 and I really liked my professor. I am afraid of getting stuck with a bad one for 202.
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    For some reason I can't PM you. I took 202 at MCC and had ---- (the site won't allow more details). She was amazing! I've never seen a professor lecture so flawlessly or thoroughly off the top of her head. She went exactly with pre-printed notes she provided (some of which I had to buy as an extra packet at the bookstore, but inexpensive and totally worth it). She's tough, but a really good teacher.
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