Banner New Grad Program

  1. Hello! I applied for the Banner new grad program that was posted just over 2 weeks ago. I have been in contact with the recruiter twice and was informed that they received close to 500 applications and they are going through all of them first. I'm just wondering if anyone has landed an interview yet? I believe they were looking through resumes before scheduling interviews but not positive.
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  3. by   Prettypinkbubbles
    I also applied, and my status still says "under review", however I've not been contacted for an interview.
  4. by   sunnyshells
    uggghhh, mine still does too- I hope they start making calls soon :/
  5. by   mrgreenjeans
    I applied on August 21st and my status still reads "under review" too. I contacted a recruiter about the program but have yet to hear back from her.
  6. by   mrgreenjeans
    Does anyone know what the start date for the program was? I can't remember if the job posting listed a start date.
  7. by   sunnyshells
    I'm not sure of the start date but the most recent time I talked to a recruiter about it was on the 27th and it sounded like it may still be a while due to the amount of resumes they received. On the plus side, it sounds like they are really going through each resume individually. Hopefully they will start making some calls soon. I'll let everyone know if my status changes from "under review". Good luck to all!
  8. by   Prettypinkbubbles
    I got the "thanks but no thanks" e-mail today.
  9. by   mrgreenjeans
    I recieved the same email today.
  10. by   sunnyshells
    Rejected! And the search continues...
  11. by   honeyortar
    I got an interview offer today. It was through email.